Family Holiday

Family in Steamboat Springs

This is my family.

My daughter, Kelli, her husband, Jeremy, and my beloved grandson, Charlie.

They are on holiday in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they go every year

for the end-of-the-season town festival.

steamboat springs_Saddleback Ranch Kids

Charlie and his friends who live down the street.

The kids have kind of grown up together.

This year, the two families went together.

The group

Photo of both families

ready for a snow mobile ride.

Snow Mobile adventure

Lined up and ready to go!

Charlie and Mom on snowmobile

Charlie and Mom rode together.

South Texxas kid in the snow

One of Charlie’s friends.

All of these kids were born in South Texas,

So, they do not see snow often.


When they arrived at Houston International Airport on the way home,

Kelli discovered that she had lost the car keys!

There was a slight delay while they waited for a locksmith to rescue them.

But, they all had a wonderful time!

20 Comments on “Family Holiday

  1. Nice! I felt as though I was sitting at the table looking through the photos with you, filling me in on what was going on. Sorry about the car keys…one of my worst worries when we leave for vacation!


  2. What fun for kids from Texas! Great photos – I thought perhaps you had taken them at first. Lovely family. Charlie has really gotten tall.


    • Would you believe that child will only be 12 years old this April? He’s already 5′ 10″ tall and wears a size 13 shoe. The same size his dad wears! His dad is 6′ 5″ tall and was as tall as Charlie when he was Charlie’s age. You also would not believe how much Charlie eats, but he is lean and perfectly proportioned. The folks in my family grew tall very early too, so he gets it from both sides of the gene pool. Thanks, Dave.

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