She Kept A Parrot

Creeping Carolina Trumpet The vine in the pergola reveals its tentacles only in the bareness of winter.  In spring and summer, hidden beneath a benign tapestry, it patiently forces apart joints...

Fan Palm Frond Fan Palm Bloom

Toad Mr. Toad sitting on my kitchen counter contemplating his reflection in the toaster.   (Click on image to enlarge)

A little boy lost in an imaginary adventure with his Lego hero. (click image to enlarge)

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Men in conversation often sit with their hands on their knees…at least, in this part of the world. (click image to enlarge)

Parrots are carnivorous too.  They like an occasional chicken bone.  They crack the bone to eat the marrow and grind the entire bone into a fine meal. (click to enlarge image)...

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Sweet potato slice in an old, black iron skillet.  Southern soul food cooks often slice sweet potatoes and cook them in a syrup of water and sugar until they are tender....