Whoever is in charge of the Climate Control Dial

Has turned it in the wrong direction.

If I thought it might work,

I’d do a sun dance in the street.

Instead, I offer a few photos of my Valentine’s Day flower from Charlie.

Here’s to warmer days ahead!


Family Holiday

Family in Steamboat Springs

This is my family.

My daughter, Kelli, her husband, Jeremy, and my beloved grandson, Charlie.

They are on holiday in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they go every year

for the end-of-the-season town festival.

steamboat springs_Saddleback Ranch Kids

Charlie and his friends who live down the street.

The kids have kind of grown up together.

This year, the two families went together.

The group

Photo of both families

ready for a snow mobile ride.

Snow Mobile adventure

Lined up and ready to go!

Charlie and Mom on snowmobile

Charlie and Mom rode together.

South Texxas kid in the snow

One of Charlie’s friends.

All of these kids were born in South Texas,

So, they do not see snow often.


When they arrived at Houston International Airport on the way home,

Kelli discovered that she had lost the car keys!

There was a slight delay while they waited for a locksmith to rescue them.

But, they all had a wonderful time!


I never reblog a post from any other blog. But this photo fascinates me. When I saw it, I had absolutely no idea what the heck Dave had found. He’s a farmer, a scientist, a professor, a superb photographer, and heaven only knows what else.  The professor in him explains more than you probably ever wanted to know. But, if you’re interested in almost anything, you can probably find it at Farmer’s place. Guess what this is, and then read what it actually is! Chuckle…



I don’t often think of water as having texture. The picture shows a little flume, at Ravensburg State Park, where the stream was directed through a channel formed by large rocks. If the water had been higher, the flume would not have been there … if it had been lower, the flume would, perhaps, have been even more dramatic. I could discern eddies, cascades, and turbulence. I could also see evidence of uninterrupted flow. Where water pitched down over one rock or climbed another, turbulence drew air into the mix. If I fixed my graze on a particular spot, the pattern of splash and bubble was chaotic. Other areas were perfectly smooth and seemed unchanging. Something of a paradox, since water continued to move through such areas. Like a standing wave, there was movement without apparent movement until, of course, a twig or piece of ice or slush was caught…

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The Boys

The time has come to plan for homes for the animals.

I got to know Ed Kammer and his family when I bought Hugo from them some months ago.

They are Panther Chameleon breeders at Kammerflage Kreations in Corona, California.

When I called to tell Ed that I had to find homes for Hugo and Sammy,

he generously offered to take the chameleons to find homes for them.

He arranged for the shipment, sent the shipping container to me, and handled every single detail for me.

He has been in the reptile business for 34 years.

And, he is one of the finest people I’ve ever met.


Those are the last photos of Hugo.

He is a Kammerflage Kreations Panther Chameleon.

Ed Kammer and the Kammer family breed beautiful chameleons.

And, of course, Little Sammy whose dubious pedigree is PetSmart!

Although the Krammers don’t breed Veiled Chameleons,

Ed has years of experience with them and is prominent in the chameleon world.

So, he knows lots of folks who would help to place the boys.


As soon as Sammy and Hugo arrived,

Ed’s delightful daughter, Briana, took these cell phone

photos to send to me.

They wanted to reassure me that the boys were fine!

Their flight took them through Memphis and on to Corona, California.

There was a little hitch when the FedEx driver missed the arranged hour and went on toward another town,

But Cheryl got on the phone and convinced the driver to turn around and bring them back!

The shop manager has already adopted Little Sammy!

Thanks to Ed and the entire family of Kammerflage Kreations,

the future for Sammy and Hugo is assured.

My gratitude and blessings to all of you!

I normally post all the monochrome stuff on The Fuzzy Foto.

But, I saw this in my files and I remember how interested in it I was at the time.

Many years ago, somebody chopped off this very large limb from a Live Oak tree on the plant property.

It’s still attached to the tree.

The worst pruning job I ever saw in my entire life, I think.

It almost looks fossilized.


This crepe myrtle tree trunk looks exactly as if it has a face.

From my chair on the porch, I see a nose and just below that, a misshapen mouth.

In photographs, it never looks quite the same.

I call him my Tree Troll!


This Gold Nugget Squash been on my kitchen counter for weeks.

I think I should bake it soon!


These canvas prints are of my sister, her husband and their granddaughter.

I had several prints done for them for Christmas

And stacked them on a chair when I brought them home.

In typical George fashion, I handed the prints to them off the chair!



The photo of Linda is from the Club poolside.

From about ten years ago.

We took Charlie swimming, and she was sitting at a table talking to somebody.

Since it is my all -time favorite portrait of her, I wanted to preserve it for her daughter.

The bottom one is a snapshot of Cate putting Grandaddy’s glasses on upside down.

It is his favorite photograph of him and his beloved granddaughter.

(I told you the posts would be random…  Chuckle…)

Starting Over

Since this is a new year,

I am starting over.

I will be posting what I see.

No particular theme or composition.

Just whatever attracts my attention.



The other night, I photographed Big Lucy.

He’s grown into a really big boy since I got him in June.

He and Little Lucy fascinate me.

He shed the skin from one of his back legs.

It fits on my index finger

like those toys we used to call “Chinese Finger Traps”.

The skin looks fragile and rigid, but it is not.

It’s flexible and rather soft.

The connecting pseudo scales look like a woven net to me.

Fantastic natural engineering design!


I reached for the only dark background I could see

on which to photograph the dragon skin.

The address book that has followed me everywhere

since I was maybe thirty years old.

It is very like me to have chosen

one based on its sturdy construction

instead of having chosen a pretty one.


Remember when we bought leather ones with

spirals that actually worked for years?

And the front read “Telephone”?

The addresses are so far out of date that

few are relevant now and some have

unknown cemetery addresses.

Why do I keep it on the kitchen counter in the letter tray?

I have absolutely no idea!

Plan B


Does this look like a dying woman to you?

Me either.

I just walked in from drinking iced coffee and smoking a cigarette

on my porch

where I’d been thinking about this blog.

My watch said 12:30 AM.


(I threw this out-of-focus one in to frustrate your sense of composition)

I keep wanting to move the frame up!


I am bored with all this talk of dying.

I thought the Crematory blog

would be funny to you.

It isn’t.

I love all of you who follow me.

I swear to answer every single generous comment that you’ve posted.


hell, I knew you were kind and generous and supportive all along.

I’m dumping that Crematory thing along with the Hospice page.

I’m as fat and sassy and profane as ever.

When I change, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, if you’re as bored with this dying stuff

as I am, you’ll appreciate the reprieve!


Thanks, Guys!

Now, let’s all get on with living!


Happy New Year!!


This will be the year that I die.

Remember the old Buddy Holly song?


Below is a late night photo that I took for a friend, Lemony Gregg, as a joke.

I later titled it, “Cause of Death”.

It was taken sometime in the fall of 2014.

I was seventy-two years old.


I got to be seventy-two years old (plus seven months)

not by making New Year’s Resolutions,

But, by doing precisely whatever I chose to do

without regard for myself.

I never made resolutions to stop my bad habits

or to improve my lifestyle.

I just lived.  Period.

I did what I saw that needed to be done.

Because I could.

I still walk, drive, see, read, talk and pretty much function.

The human equipment takes a lot of abuse and keeps right on working.

It’s a remarkable machine.

However, if you inherit a “Lemon”, there ain’t a whole lot you can do about it.


Don’t worry about how you look.

Nobody cares.  They’re too concerned about how they look!

This was a fun foto for Lemony.  I discarded the cover for a sensible sun screen shirt!

The outfit was for the trip to Galveston since I promised to go tubing with Charlie!


Resolve to:

Carry a stack of $20 bills or whatever denomination you can afford

under the sun visor in your car.

Hand them out to bums on the street corner

Kids at drive-through windows


Whoever looks as if he could use one.

Never decide whether he looks as if he “deserves” it.

Make no judgements about who he is or why he is there.

Don’t give a damn what he does with it.

Don’t impose your standards and value system on anybody else.

Just be kind.

Help other people.

Do what you can:

Make a septic tank.

Clean a toilet.

Dig a ditch.

Change an adult diaper.

Write a business letter for a kid.

Use your talents to help.

And have a wonderful 2015.

You’re allowed to complain every step of the way…

As long as you keep on stepping!


Just Because…


This is an old shot from a couple of years ago.

The trumpet vine grew across an outdoor canvas print in the pergola.

I watched it attach its roots to the canvas

knowing the damage it was doing.

Somehow, I didn’t mind.

I saw it by chance in my files.

It is far more appealing to me than a Christmas tree.

I post it here, just because…


Coffee Cup McDonalds

A couple of years ago, I included this cup in a post.

My tribute to my friends at Mickey D’s.

Last year at Christmas, I posted the photos of all of my kids who work there.

Mickey D Ad Annalisa CeccottiThis year, I’m borrowing a cool photograph by Annalisa Ceccotti

That many of you may find far more interesting.

It is obviously a great deal more professional than my own.

But, I didn’t have a model to sit for me except Rita!


On a more serious note, this photograph

illustrates, for me, the biases that run through society.

McDonald’s is considered the coffee shop of the proletariat.

Starbucks is considered the coffee shop of the more sophisticated.

It also illustrates the commonality of human needs, desires, foibles…

We are all one species, one family.

Let us be good to each other this holiday.

Have a great holiday, however you celebrate it!

Peace and Love,


Photo © Annalisa Ceccotti
Full Frame 15.12.2014
Selection of Magdalena Wolkho

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