Bison Teeth


I just might be the only old woman who would buy a bison jawbone!

(Bison Occidentalis)

It is from the Pleistocene period

1,000 to 15,000 years old.

Found in the Kansas River Bed, Wyandocotthe County, Kansas.

It reminded me of a Viking ship.


He appears to have had most of his teeth when he died.

They could have used a bit of dental cleaning, I suppose,

But so do mine every three months!


I teased my dentist for thirty years about needing to keep my teeth until I died.

Well, I almost made it.  Until I broke a molar and split the root.

Now, I have a costly jawbone graft.

Perfectly healed and ready for the metal post implant on which the fake tooth is stuck.

Except that I figure it’s too much trouble since I won’t use it long anyway!



There is an expression in Texas about teeth.

That fellow’s got Summer Teeth!

(Translation: Some are there and some are not!)

Reckon I got Summer Teeth now too!


 I bought a “premium car wash” when I filled up with gas.

Only to discover that the car wash was closed for repairs.

The old number did not work.

finally I got a new number and headed in to endure yet another wait in a car wash.


But, only after I backed all the way out when I saw a truck already in the thing!

Finally, I drove back in and prepared to wait for it to do its thing.

I am not good at waiting.


First, you get the soapy water in your face.

And, I forgot my Kindle.

What does one do in a car wash sans Kindle?

Thank whatever gods may be for reminding me to carry my camera!



You get attacked by the blood-sucking tentacles!

I tried not to look…


Finally, after you resign yourself to living there for the rest of your life

The light turns green and you get a “Premium” stars reward for your trouble!


I think I’ll stick to the hundred-dollar detail shop.

I can sit inside and read my Kindle.

Besides, they transform the interior stench that is reminiscent of an old bar and a garbage dump

into a fresh, linen scent.



Charlie, these are just some random things that I see during the days when I wander around.

Hope you like some of them.

I just wanted you to see what interests me in the garden.

These are the last days of Autumn.


You know, I almost never photograph a butterfly.

I don’t pay much attention to them.

I think it must be because I was always nearsighted and couldn’t really see them well.

This lone fellow hung around the porch flowers for so long that I got the camera

and snapped him from the doorway.


This was the last of the Trumpet Vine blossoms for this year.

There weren’t as many blossoms this time since

I allowed the vine to grow inside the pergola  where it wants to grow!

Instead of on the top where it blooms profusely.

Bromeliad-BlossomThe last Bromeliad blossom for this year is fading slowly.

It has lasted for several months.

Now, it is collecting the falling leaves.


I always leave the dead Bromeliad blossoms on the plants for months

Because I like them almost as much as I like the live ones.


I saw this leaf under one of the umbrella bushes

And was struck by the faint green that remained

as if it were reluctant to give up its color.


And, of course, the wonderful orchid that you and Mom gave me at Mother’s Day.

When it stopped blooming, I set it in the pergola and forgot it.

One morning, when I walked out on the porch to drink my coffee,

I saw a white blur in the pergola.

To my absolute delight, I discovered that it was the orchid.

And it was blooming again!

Ah, Charlie, life is filled with wonders.

You only have to learn to “see”.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from ME and Ronald McDonald!


Only treats with a smile!

No tricks, unless you’re George!

Then, a trick is in order from these kids!



You look cute, Julie.

The Ronald McDonald outfit that you designed is clever!

Sam, I am!

Sam is a baby Veiled Chameleon.

His body is about 3.5 inches long.

He is perhaps two months old.

I have had Sam for four days.

And, I am still trying to figure out what he likes best.

In the gallery below, the first photo reveals his displeasure.

I was arranging his vegetation, and he didn’t like my hand in his cage.

Chameleons are shy creatures who should be housed alone and rarely handled.

Sam looks very thin to me, so I took a fecal sample for analysis.  No parasites.

I suppose he simply needs to eat LOTS.

That poses a problem of sorts since I can never know precisely what he eats!

I laughed aloud at his expression when he checked out his feeding cup.

I think he was saying, “You really expect me to eat from that?

I thought it was a clever, on the spot, solution to the problem.


I thought learning about Bearded Dragons was difficult.

Holy Moley!  I hadn’t met Sam yet!


Chameleons are fascinating creatures who move in slow-motion.

Their most delightful characteristic is their expressive faces.

They move their eyes independently making sneaking up on them impossible.


Sam is a fragile baby.

He is sitting on the leaf of a silk plant (from Kelli’s garage box of discarded stuff).

I couldn’t weigh him because he climbed up my arm when I put him on the scale!

But, I can tell you that he is as light as a feather.

And difficult to photograph because he hides among the leaves.

Or climbs to the very top of his cage under the basking light.


Why did I buy him knowing that I won’t live long enough for him to grow up?

The simple answer is that I always wanted a Chameleon.

I will be able to see him into adolescence at the minimum,

And, a friend will take care of him for the remainder of his life.

They live approximately five years, maybe a bit longer.


He looks remarkably like a gargoyle sometimes, as the Coastal Crone observed.

Wish us luck!



Well, Little Lucy is not gravid.

After a weekend of hand-wringing,

She was able to see the vet.

The good news is that her bone density is superb.

She is not egg-bound.


The bad news is that she has calcium deposits in her kidney.

As you can see on the radiograph, there is a large area of calcification in her right kidney.

When Dr. Beck evacuated the vent, there was a solid piece in the urate.

It was similar to a kidney stone.

I suppose she thought it was an “egg”.


I immediately suggested that I had given her too much calcium.

Dr. Beck agreed.

It is very rare to find too much calcium in a female dragon.

Usually, they suffer from calcium deficiency diseases such as MBD (metabolic bone disease).

And other awful conditions like mouth rot.

Well, I overdid the prevention.

Dr. Beck thinks the kidney deposits will break up and resolve.

If they don’t, she still has one good kidney.

And I have learned how to slay a dragon without trying!


Little Lucy is feeling fine.

Thanks to all of you!

I appreciate every expression of interest and concern.

I haven’t replied to any of your comments since I was waiting for answers, too.

Please know that while I am trying to cram my remaining months full of things

that I must do, I am forever grateful and warmed by your constant reassurances.

Blessings to all of you!


Is She Gravid?


Oh, Dear!  I think Little Lucy is gravid (about to lay eggs)!

She is exhibiting all the signs of a gravid dragon.

Some female dragons who are not bred will lay eggs.

Just my luck!


Little Lucy began to develop a huge belly some time ago.

I asked the breeder, who sells Dubia roaches, if a dragon could be too fat.

He assured me that it was harmless as long as she pooped.

Well, that’s easy enough to observe…  (Believe me!)



She was not only really wide.

She was so fat that her back was round.

However, every animal who lives anywhere near me is fat!


But, then…

She started glass dancing.

That was a new behavior for her, and I suspected something had changed.

She started scratching the paper toweling as if she were digging a tunnel,

And hiding under the towels.

She wasn’t going into the old cave which had a small opening,

So I changed her cave to a bigger one with a larger opening.

Then she started hiding in it for a good portion of the day.

She is losing weight (her foot pads are almost gone!)

I am fearful that she is egg-bound.


Irma  called while we were in Galveston on our little holiday.

She was panicked because Little Lucy wouldn’t eat her roaches.

The tank temperatures were correct.

But, she was eating only her greens.

Since LL is such a piglet, I thought it strange, too.

When I got home and held her for a bit, she gobbled up all of her roaches!

And, I thought she just missed me…

However, she stopped eating them again yesterday.

When I contacted Joan, the reptile expert, she agreed that LL is probably gravid.

So…  I follow her directions to make a lay box.

The materials:

A fifty-gallon Rubbermaid tub (with wheels, preferably)

Sixty pounds of foundation sand

A clamp on light with a 100-watt basking bulb


Cut off about half the lid.

Wet the sand and pack it on one end of the tub.

Clamp on the light.

Drag up a wet nurse stool.

Add Dragon…


(To be continued…)

We Missed the Boat!

Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas

 October, 2014


 Mom wanted to take the paddle boat ride around the island.

We got there just in time to see it leave the dock.

Mom wanted to go back later, but we didn’t want to go.

After the weekend, you and I talked about how bad we felt that we didn’t go with her.

Mom always makes everything absolutely perfect for everybody.


Mom was sitting at the dock in the wheelchair.

This is my very favorite photograph of you and Mom.

Well, since you grew up, I guess.

I’m almost glad we didn’t get there in time for the boat ride

Since I have this wonderful memory of my two loves!

While we were at Moody Gardens,

We saw a fascinating 3-D film about the formation of the Galapagos

Islands and the strange creatures who inhabit them.

We had a nice lunch at the restaurant, and

You and Mom morphed into Mama Frog and Baby Frog.

Then we wandered around in a gift shop

Where I bought that goofy, twelve-dollar, straw hat.

I liked the glamorous floppy one, but you guys said it didn’t look good!


Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas

October, 2014


Charlie, you were pushing my wheelchair when I photographed the diver, I think.

I had no idea that Mom was standing behind me until I saw the photo!

It was so dark in there that I could hardly see through the camera viewfinder.

There were some fairly long sharks who swam by this diver.


I was particularly interested in the group of pregnant seahorses.

The photos aren’t very good since I was twisting around in that cussed chair!


I should have been walking!

Remember, Mom pushed you in the wheelchair when we left the water park.

By that time, I had discovered my legs and pushed the wheelchair myself.

I laughed about that wheelchair silliness!


Expiration Date


I have a terminal illness.  I am neither afraid of it nor unhappy about it.

I am seventy-two years old.

I have finished my work here.

I will spend my remaining months doing whatever suits me.


I have said pretty much what I thought in all of my posts here.

So, I felt pretty silly titling the posts Last Hurrah #1, #2, etc.

Why would anybody do that?

It sounds coy to me.

And, I am not a private person, anyway.


I decided to write about the last months of my life

because there is such a cultural taboo against talking about death.

I am fortunate to know that there is an expiration date for me

And to know approximately when that will be.

The last of life should be a celebration of life.

And, I intend to celebrate!


I’m headed for the rapids!

You’re welcome to grab yourself a tube

and follow me.

It’s gonna‘ be one helluva‘ ride!


I have added a Hospice Page for updates, questions, comments, etc.

The link is at the top of each page.

Please visit the page for updates.

Thanks, Friends!

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