She Kept A Parrot


  Tortures   Nothing has changed. The body is a reservoir of pain; it has to eat and breathe the air, and sleep, it has thin skin and the blood is just beneath it; it has a good supply of teeth and fingernails; its bones can be broken; its joints can be stretched. In tortures, all of this is considered.   Nothing has changed. The body still trembles as it trembled before… Read More

 I bought a “premium car wash” when I filled up with gas. Only to discover that the car wash was closed for repairs. The old number did not work. finally I got a new number and headed in to endure yet another wait in a car wash. But, only after I backed all the way out when I saw a truck already in the thing! Finally, I drove back in and prepared… Read More

I love mangos and so do the parrots! A mango swirl I buy bananas, and I never eat them until they spoil. I grew up eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. Sometimes, I would sneak into the kitchen, peel a banana, and stick the end of it in the Mayo jar! Actually, that’s still my favorite way to eat a banana! Curly Bananas

Bromeliad Leaf Characters Today, I love these characters! Tomorrow? Who knows. I might not see the characters at all. Leaf characters are elusive, you know.

To the tune of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ~The Beatles~

She Talks Too Much Bad Trip Broken Petal Renewal Boy’s Club

Orchids fascinate me I particularly like the back side of orchid blossoms Their soft lines and shapes are always reminiscent of watercolors The light through the black screen creates a mood that I enjoy It’s always exciting to see what the camera captured & There are the fun abstracts I created these using a plug-in for Photoshop Called Filter Forge 4 My favorite of the abstracts Is this one with the misplaced… Read More