She Kept A Parrot


Charlie, you will surely have many memories of my profound deafness according to the Whispering Coldeweys. Or, as the old folks used to say, She’s deaf as a post! This is one of the more amusing stories about it, at least for me. I wandered around after midnight tonight feeding the nocturnal critters in the Legend Zoo, as I always do. As I leaned over to fetch Koko’s dishes, I heard a… Read More

Dear Charlie, Going forward, my entries may be boring or repetitive or may not make much sense to my friends on WordPress, but I am going to share them anyway because my friends here have been so very kind to me.  I want you to know that my friends here have encouraged me from the beginning of this blog.  Without their help, I don’t think that I would have continued to post… Read More

(Dragons assume the most absurd basking and sleeping positions! This is Big Lucy.) As you know, the most recent addition to The Legend Zoo are two Bearded Dragons. Big Lucy and Little Lucy (Big Lucy is actually a male and Little Lucy is a female) They both seemed to be doing well until I noticed blood in Big Lucy’s urate and a foul-smelling, watery feces. (Dragons have vents like parrots through which… Read More

Hey, Folks!  What’s that wimpy green gecko got that I ain’t got?

Lucy’s July Fourth Portrait She has been with us for two months. She is eleven inches long and very wide. She is officially a juvenile dragon. Actually, Lucy is a Lucifer. Lesson #1 When you choose names for pets that are not dimorphic Choose gender neutral names if it matters to you. This sad photo was filed under the title, “Day One”. I thought this little creature was so cute. That’s all… Read More

To the tune of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ~The Beatles~

When Rita’s Wax Myrtle tree leafed out this spring She immediately set about expertly pruning it As she does every spring. She removed every twig of new growth From the main branches of the tree. It was as if she knew precisely how to trim a tree! As She always does, she settled on her favorite branch For a work break Only when she finished trimming the tree And was agreeable to… Read More

Charlie, I know you remember Mr. Frog And the terrarium with the wire top. Mr. Frog occupied it for a couple of weeks Until you and Madison decided he would Be happier in the garden with his friends.   I chuckle every time I think about his house. I said that you could use it for a Bearded Dragon When you tired of keeping Mr. Frog. You said, I wouldn’t touch one… Read More

One morning, when I looked into Lucy’s house I was surprised to see that she was shedding her skin like Mr. Frog who used to lease her house. By the time I finished chopping everybody’s fruit and veggies for breakfast The skin had peeled off her shoulders, and She was scratching like a little dog with fleas! If it hadn’t been so terrible looking, I would have laughed. When I finished delivering… Read More

As I have lamented many times, Rita’s nails pierce my skin badly. I’ve had rips and tears and bloody scrapes On my arms and the tops of my hands for years. But, I found a solution that works perfectly. It is Golden Needles by Ansell. The 10″ arm socks with thumb slots are made of stretch Kelvar. They fit snugly, stay in place, and They are soft and comfortable for extended wear. They provide… Read More