She Kept A Parrot


Demi Today, I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom photographing a lock on an old chest at the foot of the bed.  Demi came into the room, jumped onto the chest and sat down.  I explained patiently what I was doing and told her to get down because her hair was in my frame.  She just sat there.  I adjusted the angle to get her hair out of the photograph…. Read More

Morning Walk The phone rang at seven-thirty this morning.  My old friend and CPA asked if I were sleeping.  He does this all the time.  He lives, yes lives, in his office from January first to after April fifteenth ever single year.  He is older than I am by several years.  Maybe it’s because the man never sleeps.  He has goodies to eat squirreled away all over his office among the cabinets… Read More

Portrait Of Rita   I received a small letter in my mailbox today.  The envelope was covered with stamps.  Wonderful stamps depicting the Queen Mother and a butterfly and ladybugs.  The return address told me what was inside.   It was a beautiful watercolor portrait of Rita from my dear friend, Lance.   Because I am shaky, I was careful as I opened it.  I couldn’t believe it.  It is perfect.  Absolutely… Read More

Two Faces

  Two faces I love.  One was born a simian baby with a Mr. Magoo face.  She grew into a beautiful child and and into an even more beautiful woman.  The other came to me by happy chance. The girl inherited her father’s freckles although you’d never notice in real life.  She is the mother of The-Boy-Who-Grew-Too-Tall.  The other has an oddly matching freckle.  Freckles are not the only characteristics these two… Read More

Native Che

No. 2 High in the Andes Mountains Che-Che roams alone The rocky cliffs made of steel                                       ~joji~ Note:  Chinchillas have been in the US for fifty years.  They are extinct in the Andes where they lived among the rocks at 15,000 ft. The only remaining colonies live on protected preserves in Chile.  They… Read More

I swear I had a perfectly satisfactory life before Maxwell.  I will get back to my cupboard momentarily, but for now I have to lament.  Maxwell will be sleeping over for four whole nights.  He is my arch nemesis.  And for good reason.  He hates my stuff.  He’s managed to eat two pairs of my eyeglasses, broken my favorite lamp, chewed up my ROKU remote, and routinely torn my mail to shreds… Read More

Antique English Garden Statue This very worn antique concrete whippet is one of a pair who guard the entrance at the stone path to my back door.  His features were slowly worn away by the harsh winters of England to expose the aggregate stones used in the cement mixture from which he was cast.   Many years of exposure to the elements would be required to obliterate the distinctive features of a whippet.  Only he knows… Read More

Toad Mr. Toad sitting on my kitchen counter contemplating his reflection in the toaster.   (Click on image to enlarge)

I didn’t really want to consider how a dung beetle ended up on my patio.  Actually, he’s the first and last one I ever saw.   I didn’t miss him much… (click on any of my photos to enlarge)