She Kept A Parrot


Maurice Sapiro Often I encounter people in restaurants or other public places.  Interesting people.  Sometimes, I have my camera and snap a photo.  I tell you about it sometimes too.  When I met this incredible man in the Blogosphere, I wondered if such a chance encounter counts in the real world?  I notice that bloggers don’t seem to like re-posts of another blogger’s post.  I can’t really figure out why that is… Read More

I am confused.  I have lost an artist.  I seem to have two R. Jarrells.  I have the one whom I know definitively to be a printmaker of the first order.  I bought three of his etchings in 1976.  This Jarrell (Richard, he is) lives in Durham, North Carolina, USA.  He is well-known now, but he was a young man (we used to call them starving artists) selling his watercolors and etchings at… Read More

This was written some months ago.  I just found the draft and decided to post it.  Boy will be nine years old on April 29. Art is included in Boy’s curriculum.  He also signed up for an after-school art class held on each Wednesday during this school year.  He is eight years old.  He is in the third grade.  He loves art.  He has an appreciation for beautiful things that surpasses that… Read More