She Kept A Parrot


Big Lucy  in showoff mode! Both Dragons are trying to bruminate after making valiant efforts to attract each other through the glass. They still come out of the caves to bask and eat veggies, but few roaches. Big Lucy is particularly comical. Little Lucy isn’t nearly as funny as Big Lucy But, she’s the sweet one. She’s decided finally to be interested in Big Lucy. After a few days of trying to… Read More

Since this is a new year, I am starting over. ♥ I will be posting what I see. No particular theme or composition. Just whatever attracts my attention. ♥   The other night, I photographed Big Lucy. He’s grown into a really big boy since I got him in June. He and Little Lucy fascinate me. He shed the skin from one of his back legs. It fits on my index finger… Read More

Little Lucy loves sitting on my shoulder. When I returned from the ranch last weekend, she had the classic stress pattern on her underside. She wasn’t eating much and she was spending a lot of time in her cave. Otherwise, she looked healthy. I was busy planning for the new chameleon cage arrangement and consulting with the breeders, the cage builder and ordering the necessary environmental elements for the insides of the… Read More

Well, Little Lucy is not gravid. After a weekend of hand-wringing, She was able to see the vet. The good news is that her bone density is superb. She is not egg-bound.   The bad news is that she has calcium deposits in her kidney. As you can see on the radiograph, there is a large area of calcification in her right kidney. When Dr. Beck evacuated the vent, there was a… Read More

Oh, Dear!  I think Little Lucy is gravid (about to lay eggs)! She is exhibiting all the signs of a gravid dragon. Some female dragons who are not bred will lay eggs. Just my luck! Little Lucy began to develop a huge belly some time ago. I asked the breeder, who sells Dubia roaches, if a dragon could be too fat. He assured me that it was harmless as long as she… Read More

Charlie, you never liked the Bearded Dragons. I remember when we bought the terrarium for Mr. Frog. I suggested that you could use it for a Bearded Dragon when you tired of Mr. Frog. You said, “I wouldn’t touch one of those things!” And you were as good as your word! Big Lucy But, I want to share some simple facts that I’ve learned about Dragons. They have spines on the undersides… Read More

Charlie, if you saw a video of an old lady talking to a box of roaches after midnight in her kitchen, which of the following would you think? A.  Eww!  That’s totally disgusting, and in the kitchen, too. B. That old lady is definitely suffering from a serious case of dementia. C. I wonder what animal she’s feeding the roaches to. ♠ Actually, this box is almost empty. I order a thousand… Read More

Charlie, you will surely have many memories of my profound deafness according to the Whispering Coldeweys. Or, as the old folks used to say, She’s deaf as a post! This is one of the more amusing stories about it, at least for me. I wandered around after midnight tonight feeding the nocturnal critters in the Legend Zoo, as I always do. As I leaned over to fetch Koko’s dishes, I heard a… Read More

Dear Charlie, Going forward, my entries may be boring or repetitive or may not make much sense to my friends on WordPress, but I am going to share them anyway because my friends here have been so very kind to me.  I want you to know that my friends here have encouraged me from the beginning of this blog.  Without their help, I don’t think that I would have continued to post… Read More

(Dragons assume the most absurd basking and sleeping positions! This is Big Lucy.) As you know, the most recent addition to The Legend Zoo are two Bearded Dragons. Big Lucy and Little Lucy (Big Lucy is actually a male and Little Lucy is a female) They both seemed to be doing well until I noticed blood in Big Lucy’s urate and a foul-smelling, watery feces. (Dragons have vents like parrots through which… Read More