She Kept A Parrot


Hey, Folks!  What’s that wimpy green gecko got that I ain’t got?

One morning, when I looked into Lucy’s house I was surprised to see that she was shedding her skin like Mr. Frog who used to lease her house. By the time I finished chopping everybody’s fruit and veggies for breakfast The skin had peeled off her shoulders, and She was scratching like a little dog with fleas! If it hadn’t been so terrible looking, I would have laughed. When I finished delivering… Read More

Uh-oh… Apparently, Mr. J. Cricket has a death wish… Lucy leisurely considered the dessert menu And finally decided She was entirely too full for desert anyway So, she watched with only a passing interest as Mr. Cricket went happily on his way Oblivious to his good fortune 🙂

Miss Lucy B. Dragon surveying the kingdom That was. Ah, Miss Lucy, What grand baby dragon dreams! 🙂 A Pox on you!  Miss Lucy says…