She Kept A Parrot


Does this look like a dying woman to you? Me either. I just walked in from drinking iced coffee and smoking a cigarette on my porch where I’d been thinking about this blog. My watch said 12:30 AM. (I threw this out-of-focus one in to frustrate your sense of composition) I keep wanting to move the frame up! Chuckle… I am bored with all this talk of dying. I thought the Crematory… Read More

My apology! I am missing your posts. Few are appearing in my Reader. Paranoia has set in. My tinfoil hat  tells me that WP is weary of me. Cheeky is puzzled too. He only sees my posts. Not yours. Please let me know if you do not see me visiting your posts! Or Please let me know if you have a suggestion for a solution. Thank you!

A MOTHER’S KEEPER For a long time, I’ve wanted to have a place to put photographs.  Just odd photographs that don’t fit into my blog.  The other night, I decided to create a drop-box file for my favorite photographs.  About two-o’clock in the morning, I hastily created The Fuzzy Foto.  If you’re interested, I’ll be dropping my fuzzies and an occasional sharp one into the Fuzzy Foto box.   My mother’s urn… Read More

Here is Beautiful Boomie (Boomie is the girl) Here is Boomie’s Poem Cover Me Peel away every façade Pull apart all the pretenses Let the built up glass walls Come crashing to the ground Along with the insecurities Fears Hypocrisies and Deceits Peel me apart slowly But surely Let the façade be gone Then Spread your arms of love Like wings over me And Cover me Cover me in your truth Cover… Read More

Wild Mustangs

I had not visited Cowboy since he posted the Valentine’s Day kissy Marmaduke.  I did today.  I found the kind of interesting collection of news and information from around the world that he always puts together for us.  How about a surgical  device easy enough for layman to use to fish out an appendix on a muddy creek bank in the middle of nowhere?  A beautiful video of horses to ease our pain…. Read More

Salt Lake City Sea-Gull Today, I really did make a start.  And what a start it was.  I went looking for the last person to visit my blog.  I found him at “Pieces Of Me And Other Sundry Things”.  He is Scott Brill.  I liked him right off because he offered “pieces of me”.   I knew if he offered that, it would be enough.  The first thing I saw was this lovely… Read More