She Kept A Parrot


The Ill-Fated Cactus Garden Boy’s mom is a designer of onsite sewage treatment systems.  She is also a fantastic landscape designer.  What she is not is a potted plant person.  Her CAD program does not extend beyond design … certainly not to potted plant care.  Boy went along with her to the nursery one day to choose some plants for her landscape project.  There, he fell in love with cacti … the… Read More

Yesterday, I posted a cactus flower.  My artsy cactus flower.  The truth is that the wind was blowing the cactus plants all around, and I was doing my routine St. Vitus number with the camera so the flower was out of focus.  I did have one photograph that was reasonably focused, but I liked the artsy one.  Now, that’s downright silly.  It showed you nothing about what a cactus plant and its… Read More

This cactus is blooming beside the drive-thru menu outside the barbecue restaurant where I order my sandwiches about once a week.  The plants have been there as long as I can remember, and the restaurant is very old.  The blossoms are lovely in the late spring.  I always enjoy looking at them.   The prickly pear cactus is native to Texas.  I am certain that the American Indians must have named their… Read More