She Kept A Parrot


The time has come to plan for homes for the animals. I got to know Ed Kammer and his family when I bought Hugo from them some months ago. They are Panther Chameleon breeders at Kammerflage Kreations in Corona, California. When I called to tell Ed that I had to find homes for Hugo and Sammy, he generously offered to take the chameleons to find homes for them. He arranged for the shipment,… Read More

I have neglected my sweet Sammy! I had fun playing with the image above, but this post is not about graphics manipulation. It is about life. A life devoid of passion Is not a life, It is an existence. One morning this week, I woke up late. I leaped out of bed and raced to the kitchen. The chameleons had not been misted for twelve hours! I filled the mister with warm… Read More

Hugo is always hunting. He sees a cricket and is a millisecond away from projecting his tongue to capture it. In the photo above, the long projectile coming out of his mouth is the thin portion of his long tongue. In the first photo in the gallery below, you can see where it joins the big muscle at the end. Above, he has just retracted his tongue with a cricket stuck to… Read More

Little Hugo arrived last week from Kammerflage Kreations in California. He made his FedEx overnight flight connection and arrived at my door right on schedule. I opened the box, and there he was in his plastic cup. He looked as happy as a little clam. I photographed him before I removed the cup from the packing box. This is our first glimpse of each other! Right away, he began to explore his… Read More

The last picture of Sam in his old house. I could claim that this was his reaction to the move, but I think he is practicing to be a big boy. Or, he is annoyed with the camera! Here, I am moving Sam to his new house. He will climb onto my hand if I offer it. He looks a bit suspicious of the new house. He’s certainly checking it out! Sam… Read More

Sam is a baby Veiled Chameleon. His body is about 3.5 inches long. He is perhaps two months old. I have had Sam for four days. And, I am still trying to figure out what he likes best. In the gallery below, the first photo reveals his displeasure. I was arranging his vegetation, and he didn’t like my hand in his cage. Chameleons are shy creatures who should be housed alone and… Read More