She Kept A Parrot


(The story of the little Lumix LX5’s troubles with The Diva) …And it was such a lovely day in the neighborhood until Little Lumix showed up. Uh Oh.  Here she comes again!   I’ll pretend I don’t see her. Mr. Nikon is so tall and handsome with his black hood.  He’s a real gentleman.  Keeps a polite distance always respecting a girl’s modesty.  Besides, we’ve been together for years.  That little shrimp… Read More

Palms I Every year the palms bloom.  You know I am charmed by the palms.  These Pygmy Date Palms have smaller blooms because they are young. II III Che says “Hi”.  He hasn’t appeared lately.  He may be worried that you have forgotten him.  I assured him that he is unforgettable!

Native Che

No. 2 High in the Andes Mountains Che-Che roams alone The rocky cliffs made of steel                                       ~joji~ Note:  Chinchillas have been in the US for fifty years.  They are extinct in the Andes where they lived among the rocks at 15,000 ft. The only remaining colonies live on protected preserves in Chile.  They… Read More