She Kept A Parrot


Charlie, you probably don’t remember this Your friend, Madison, brought this bouquet in a bottle To Mom on Mother’s Day in 2014 I know you remember how much Madison and Cassidy loved your Mom You guys went grocery shopping together and cooked all kinds of things They called her their second Mom Mom always helped you guys with your projects And took you everywhere together She used to take you and the kids… Read More

Koko is the latest resident at the Legend House She is an African Pygmy Hedgehog They’re about five inches long She hid in her hut after we brought her home When I notice her running on Che’s old wheel In the late hours of the first night I knew she would be okay in her new home She is Charlie’s birthday present He will be eleven years old on April 29, 2014… Read More

This is the Mouse House This is The Mouse This is the sunroof on The Mouse House (Not to be confused with a Whack-A-Mole Hole) This is Charlie playing with The Mouse Who is not a mouse at all. He’s an elderly gentleman by the name of Charlie II (That’s spelled, too). He hails from Russian royalty, you know. The Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster clan. This is The Mouse checking out the… Read More

There are Faeries in the Garden. I know it’s true. But don’t expect to see them Unless, of course, You’re a very small child Who knows Surprise Or An Ancient Hermit With squinty eyes In the Faerie World There are brown days And white days… And midnight days… But… Round about midnight When the cold wind blows Faeries know something only Faeries know. It’s time to summer in the south of France! Still…… Read More

When Boy was little, his parents assembled a fort in his yard.  He was excited.  He was a little afraid.  The fort was very tall, and he was very small. Soon enough and with considerable encouragement, he mastered the climb to the top of his newly discovered world. The Fort became Boy’s little kingdom.  He popped up halting any intruder who dared to set foot on the pathway near the fort. Countless… Read More

It all started on Friday morning.  Boy showed up with an itch.  To catch him some catfish.  Well, I don’t know a thing about catching a fish, period.  I remember riding with my daddy in the motor boat when he went to collect the catfish off the trot lines at the lake.  I was a kid.  He said the whiskers bite.  Now, I was something of a tomboy, but biting fish didn’t… Read More

Boy’s Sugah Mama I haven’t talked much about Boy’s mother.  She is the best mother I ever knew.  Maybe it’s because she’s a smart and funny and kind-to-the-bone woman.  She wanted Boy badly.  She was thirty-six years old when he was born.  She spent the last two months before he was born lying on the sofa.  It was a difficult time, but she was determined to have that Boy.  It isn’t just… Read More

I follow several photographers who participate in the 365 Day photo project.  They post remarkable images.  Sometimes, they post photographs that aren’t just technically great or clever or dramatic.  These are the photographs that I remember.  One man posted a photograph of his sleeping daughter.  That touched me because he was secure enough to do it.  He undoubtedly knew that nobody cares about photographs of our sleeping children.  We adore them, but… Read More

Memories are composed of small details.  I understood that after Pops died.  As I looked through photographs that I had carelessly snapped of his feet or hands or shoes, I realized that those kinds of details are the ones that make a person unique.  Portraits are nice, but what we really remember about a person is the way he holds his hands or wears his boots even after they are worn out…. Read More

I can’t save money.  I can’t even save half a slice of my favorite pie for the next day’s treat.  I live in the moment, I think.  I am self-indulgent and a real spendthrift.   Be careful what you casually admire in my house.  You’re likely to walk away with it regardless of whether you wanted it.  Worse yet is the inability to purchase a present for Christmas (or for any other… Read More