She Kept A Parrot


Does this look like a dying woman to you? Me either. I just walked in from drinking iced coffee and smoking a cigarette on my porch where I’d been thinking about this blog. My watch said 12:30 AM. (I threw this out-of-focus one in to frustrate your sense of composition) I keep wanting to move the frame up! Chuckle… I am bored with all this talk of dying. I thought the Crematory… Read More

I have a terminal illness.  I am neither afraid of it nor unhappy about it. I am seventy-two years old. I have finished my work here. I will spend my remaining months doing whatever suits me. I have said pretty much what I thought in all of my posts here. So, I felt pretty silly titling the posts Last Hurrah #1, #2, etc. Why would anybody do that? It sounds coy to… Read More

We celebrate Birth and Life. We avert our eyes from Death and Dying. We see life in Kodachrome. We see Death in monochrome.  After the recent freeze, I went into the garden on a mission to study death and dying in the plant life there. I made many photographs of what I saw. I want to share the death of the Staghorn here. After the frost, The Staghorn anchor leaves changed from tender green… Read More