She Kept A Parrot


Memories are composed of small details.  I understood that after Pops died.  As I looked through photographs that I had carelessly snapped of his feet or hands or shoes, I realized that those kinds of details are the ones that make a person unique.  Portraits are nice, but what we really remember about a person is the way he holds his hands or wears his boots even after they are worn out…. Read More

Demi Today, I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom photographing a lock on an old chest at the foot of the bed.  Demi came into the room, jumped onto the chest and sat down.  I explained patiently what I was doing and told her to get down because her hair was in my frame.  She just sat there.  I adjusted the angle to get her hair out of the photograph…. Read More

Two Faces

  Two faces I love.  One was born a simian baby with a Mr. Magoo face.  She grew into a beautiful child and and into an even more beautiful woman.  The other came to me by happy chance. The girl inherited her father’s freckles although you’d never notice in real life.  She is the mother of The-Boy-Who-Grew-Too-Tall.  The other has an oddly matching freckle.  Freckles are not the only characteristics these two… Read More

I swear I had a perfectly satisfactory life before Maxwell.  I will get back to my cupboard momentarily, but for now I have to lament.  Maxwell will be sleeping over for four whole nights.  He is my arch nemesis.  And for good reason.  He hates my stuff.  He’s managed to eat two pairs of my eyeglasses, broken my favorite lamp, chewed up my ROKU remote, and routinely torn my mail to shreds… Read More