She Kept A Parrot


This post, titled Euphemistically Dead, was published in The Woven Tale Press I liked their presentation and the layout of the piece. The online magazine features great work from some very talented artists. I appreciate their including this post and featuring it in one of their Weekly Peeks. A warm thank you to Sandra Tyler and to the rest of the staff! Humans have a real problem with dead. Euphemisms abound to describe… Read More

An Invitation From The High Sheriff On Friday, I was having a perfectly satisfactory day.  Irma, she of the cleaning fetish, was doing her thing with the vacuum cleaner and the radio.  Then, it all changed.  I heard somebody on my TV say something about a court case.   My brain seized.   My heart palpated.  I did my stumble-run into the kitchen and started flinging old mail from one pile to… Read More