She Kept A Parrot


I normally post all the monochrome stuff on The Fuzzy Foto. But, I saw this in my files and I remember how interested in it I was at the time. Many years ago, somebody chopped off this very large limb from a Live Oak tree on the plant property. It’s still attached to the tree. The worst pruning job I ever saw in my entire life, I think. It almost looks fossilized…. Read More

A MOTHER’S KEEPER For a long time, I’ve wanted to have a place to put photographs.  Just odd photographs that don’t fit into my blog.  The other night, I decided to create a drop-box file for my favorite photographs.  About two-o’clock in the morning, I hastily created The Fuzzy Foto.  If you’re interested, I’ll be dropping my fuzzies and an occasional sharp one into the Fuzzy Foto box.   My mother’s urn… Read More

About eight or ten years ago, I stopped at this cemetery that I pass all the time.  I had always looked over at the tombstones because there is one long one facing the main street.  It has the most beautiful marble angels … one on each end of the stone.  They seemed to be sister angels watching over the dead at their feet.  Something about them was touching to me.  So, I… Read More

I On Friday, Boy and I stopped at a fruit stand to buy a watermelon.  That’s where we met Old Tex.  When I got out of the car with my camera, I motioned for him to stay where he was.  He was sitting in a chair behind the fruit and vegetables.  I told him we wanted a watermelon and I wanted to take his picture.  Immediately, he found his groove.   He picked… Read More

I follow several photographers who participate in the 365 Day photo project.  They post remarkable images.  Sometimes, they post photographs that aren’t just technically great or clever or dramatic.  These are the photographs that I remember.  One man posted a photograph of his sleeping daughter.  That touched me because he was secure enough to do it.  He undoubtedly knew that nobody cares about photographs of our sleeping children.  We adore them, but… Read More

My dentist was a nice man.  He hummed country music songs while he worked.  After he asked me the very first question, he didn’t ask me anything else ever.  He forgot to take his hand out of my mouth.  He didn’t hold it against me, though.  We went through a lot together, Swinford and I.  He had a son after I met him.  He said he was too old, but his wife… Read More

Memories are composed of small details.  I understood that after Pops died.  As I looked through photographs that I had carelessly snapped of his feet or hands or shoes, I realized that those kinds of details are the ones that make a person unique.  Portraits are nice, but what we really remember about a person is the way he holds his hands or wears his boots even after they are worn out…. Read More

I can’t save money.  I can’t even save half a slice of my favorite pie for the next day’s treat.  I live in the moment, I think.  I am self-indulgent and a real spendthrift.   Be careful what you casually admire in my house.  You’re likely to walk away with it regardless of whether you wanted it.  Worse yet is the inability to purchase a present for Christmas (or for any other… Read More

While I was out late this afternoon, I snapped a few photos.  This old motel was seedy when I moved here in 1976.  I don’t think much has improved about it since.  I cannot imagine the roach population in that damp, crumbling place.  I see this motel every day as I drive down the main street that runs through the entire town.  I think the arrow lights stopped working many years ago…. Read More

Portrait Of Rita   I received a small letter in my mailbox today.  The envelope was covered with stamps.  Wonderful stamps depicting the Queen Mother and a butterfly and ladybugs.  The return address told me what was inside.   It was a beautiful watercolor portrait of Rita from my dear friend, Lance.   Because I am shaky, I was careful as I opened it.  I couldn’t believe it.  It is perfect.  Absolutely… Read More