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Charlie, you probably don’t remember this Your friend, Madison, brought this bouquet in a bottle To Mom on Mother’s Day in 2014 I know you remember how much Madison and Cassidy loved your Mom You guys went grocery shopping together and cooked all kinds of things They called her their second Mom Mom always helped you guys with your projects And took you everywhere together She used to take you and the kids… Read More

Orchids fascinate me I particularly like the back side of orchid blossoms Their soft lines and shapes are always reminiscent of watercolors The light through the black screen creates a mood that I enjoy It’s always exciting to see what the camera captured & There are the fun abstracts I created these using a plug-in for Photoshop Called Filter Forge 4 My favorite of the abstracts Is this one with the misplaced… Read More

  Those of you who remember the Carolina Trumpet Vine And my love-hate relationship with her Will know what to expect From my latest love I was fascinated by the images of Lemony Shots’ Clematis So, when I saw this lovely at the garden center I brought her home The Clematis will live in a large pot Since the garden is too shady for her liking Oh, by the way… Miss Trumpet… Read More

This is a Knockout rose. (The blossoms do look as if they’ve been knocked around a bit) I was wandering around the nursery the other day When I saw these huge pots of classic-looking shrub rose bushes  I’m not a rose person, but the bright color appealed to me After the Big Winter Freeze So, I bought one of them although it was over five feet tall Two of the nicest boys delivered it… Read More

It is springtime in South Texas A time for sweeping away the losses of winter A time for planting A time for renewal And New beginnings It is a time of gratitude for friends who surround us Friends who wrap their arms around us Friends who support us while we find our way I am grateful to all of you Who so generously support me in This springtime of loss and renewal… Read More

Sepia is not my favorite tone. It often turns pink. Or the color of mud. Sepia is the color noise in my photographs. Color Noise stalks me.  She is my Nemesis. She lurks in the shadows waiting to invade my favorite shots. I thought of this one as “White Chocolate” (Or, Mud Cake) I was sitting on the porch late one night When I decided to snap the vase of roses. There wasn’t much light, but the… Read More

At the encouragement of a friend, Ray, I took up the camera late in life, as they say. My interest in photography was fueled by a desire to paint my world as I saw it. I have little interest in recording life as it appears to the objective eye. I have experienced quite enough of life in its harsh reality. I am searching for beauty that is not visible to the naked… Read More

Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow For Thine is the Kingdom Between the conception And the creation Between the emotion And the response Falls the Shadow Life is very long… T.S Eliot The Hollow Men

My image of Holland is drawn from childhood It features Windmills Woolly Sheep Wooden Shoes And Tulips The woolly sheep image comes from old Delft pottery designs I have an old Delft wall plaque with a figure herding A drove of wonderful woolly sheep Which has nothing much to do with tulips ◊ Those of you who remember my adventure with the Christmas Tulips Won’t be surprised that these tulips captured my imagination…. Read More