She Kept A Parrot


As anybody who has been in South Texas for more than thirty days says, Un pequito mas, and holds up a finger and the thumb to make the sign of a tiny bit more.   Thus, the title of this post.  I couldn’t resist sharing my encounter with you.   This time, Mr. Anole was jumping from one stem to another so I knew right away that he was alive … for… Read More

The Carolina Trumpet From my chair on the porch, I can see the trumpets.  They hang down almost to waist level as I walk the path to Boy’s house.  When we took our spring walk in the garden, I promised that the Carolina Trumpet Vine would be filled with coral trumpets by summertime.  I think it has outdone itself this year.  Blossoms continually appear and fall arranging themselves into surprising and delightful… Read More

Today is my seventieth birthday.  Seventy is an unbelievable number of years.  The number doesn’t compute in my head!  So…  today, I post whatever I like.  I like my trumpet flower pictures.  When I began this blog in January, the vine that covers the pergola was bare, gnarled and twisted bones.  As it always does, it filled itself with lush green.  Then, the trumpets started appearing everywhere along with the humming birds… Read More