She Kept A Parrot


We celebrate Birth and Life. We avert our eyes from Death and Dying. We see life in Kodachrome. We see Death in monochrome.  After the recent freeze, I went into the garden on a mission to study death and dying in the plant life there. I made many photographs of what I saw. I want to share the death of the Staghorn here. After the frost, The Staghorn anchor leaves changed from tender green… Read More

Last year, the poor little clematis managed to produce one tendril. It made it all the way to the top of the trellis and produced one blossom. During the winter, the plant turned brown. I assumed it was dead in the pot until I saw a tiny green leaf at the top. The rain came and she began to grow. Finally. I am reminded of the children’s story book, The little Engine… Read More

Winter Rose I feel a bit ridiculous sharing my health status, but I wanted to share it with all of you who have been so supportive and kind to me for all of these months. You and I thought I would be dead “within six months to less than a year” according to the official prognosis. I had an x-ray last week to rule out a pneumonia. The radiologist could not figure… Read More

This is an old shot from a couple of years ago. The trumpet vine grew across an outdoor canvas print in the pergola. I watched it attach its roots to the canvas knowing the damage it was doing. Somehow, I didn’t mind. I saw it by chance in my files. It is far more appealing to me than a Christmas tree. I post it here, just because… 🙂

The Clematis blossoms dried and remain on the vine interesting still in the straw version of themselves Romero sheared the Foxtail Ferns to the ground As he promised, they sprang from the soil into mounds of green Foxtail forests.   The leaves of the Bromeliads turned brown in the winter freeze and I thought they were dead Suddenly, a blossom appeared from the ruin The Bird’s Nest Ferns with their leather leaves… Read More

Miss Lily has been my photographic nemesis for years. When I got my first camera, I tried to photograph her, with little success. There was a problem with light and color and all of those green stems in her center. I haven’t had much more success in recent years. There is just something about Miss Lily that doesn’t like my camera. Last year, I gave up the struggle and simply watched her… Read More

When Rita’s Wax Myrtle tree leafed out this spring She immediately set about expertly pruning it As she does every spring. She removed every twig of new growth From the main branches of the tree. It was as if she knew precisely how to trim a tree! As She always does, she settled on her favorite branch For a work break Only when she finished trimming the tree And was agreeable to… Read More

After the winter freezes, I feared that I had lost the Pygmy Date Palms When the ice covered the leaves, I thought they would surely die I have six of them in the garden and around the house They are my favorite trees With the exception of the Fan Palms, of course Romero convinced me that it was necessary to trim the lower fronds He removed as many as twelve on some… Read More

  Those of you who remember the Carolina Trumpet Vine And my love-hate relationship with her Will know what to expect From my latest love I was fascinated by the images of Lemony Shots’ Clematis So, when I saw this lovely at the garden center I brought her home The Clematis will live in a large pot Since the garden is too shady for her liking Oh, by the way… Miss Trumpet… Read More

This is a Knockout rose. (The blossoms do look as if they’ve been knocked around a bit) I was wandering around the nursery the other day When I saw these huge pots of classic-looking shrub rose bushes  I’m not a rose person, but the bright color appealed to me After the Big Winter Freeze So, I bought one of them although it was over five feet tall Two of the nicest boys delivered it… Read More