She Kept A Parrot


Palms I Every year the palms bloom.  You know I am charmed by the palms.  These Pygmy Date Palms have smaller blooms because they are young. II III Che says “Hi”.  He hasn’t appeared lately.  He may be worried that you have forgotten him.  I assured him that he is unforgettable!

Morning Walk The phone rang at seven-thirty this morning.  My old friend and CPA asked if I were sleeping.  He does this all the time.  He lives, yes lives, in his office from January first to after April fifteenth ever single year.  He is older than I am by several years.  Maybe it’s because the man never sleeps.  He has goodies to eat squirreled away all over his office among the cabinets… Read More

Split-Leaf Philodendron Leaf ~ End of Cut Stalk

My daughter, Kelli, and her husband, JC, decided to prune everything in their landscaping yesterday.  Kelli doesn’t trust anybody else to do the job.  I did not participate.  I did show up to record the massacre.  They removed a large wax myrtle and a pygmy date palm.  Both were dead or dying.  I had a good time photographing these cuttings.  I almost fell and broke a hip climbing around in those piles,… Read More

I called this guy my “Garden Troll”.   His face always full of wry good humor mocking me…   He sat atop a sundial pedestal from which the sundial had long been discarded.  No matter.  He never concerned himself with dates and times and appointments.  Neither did I.  I forgot where he went…perhaps underground in the Secret Garden as is the habit of trolls.  Or…perhaps I left him behind at the old… Read More

No. 3 The wind chime melody Silenced in the stillness of the night