She Kept A Parrot


The Polar Vortex came On the heels of the murderous Frost And wrapped the Garden in ice Black Ice The Fans made a sound like rustling parchment When the wind shifted Cracked ice crashed onto fans below Each leaf encased in its own glass coffin Shiny Black Ice Transformed the leaves Into stiff caricatures of themselves Dead Pygmy Palm leaves And live ones too Froze in a robotic dance Cardboard Palm leaves… Read More

About eight or ten years ago, I stopped at this cemetery that I pass all the time.  I had always looked over at the tombstones because there is one long one facing the main street.  It has the most beautiful marble angels … one on each end of the stone.  They seemed to be sister angels watching over the dead at their feet.  Something about them was touching to me.  So, I… Read More

I  The frailty of everything revealed at last. Old and troubling issues resolved into nothingness and night. The last instance of a thing takes the class with it. Turns out the light and is gone. Look around you. Ever is a long time. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all… ~ The Road~ Quote contributed by Lemony Shots

I went out looking for light bubbles ON PURPOSE this afternoon.  I knew precisely where to find them.  They always dance in the palms when the setting sun plays with them late in the afternoon.  If you listen carefully, you can hear them singing.  I also found the large family of mosquitoes who live under the palms.  UGH.  These leaves were swaying gracefully in the breeze the way they always do.  They look… Read More

Some more photographs that I was about to delete, but I had fun playing with them.  I thought you might find them fun too.  Real photographers know how to make lights.  I made mine by happy accident.  One Christmas, I tried to photograph Boy in front of the Christmas tree.  When I saw the first one, I just kept snapping away.  I had never seen bubbles of light in a photograph.  I… Read More

My dentist was a nice man.  He hummed country music songs while he worked.  After he asked me the very first question, he didn’t ask me anything else ever.  He forgot to take his hand out of my mouth.  He didn’t hold it against me, though.  We went through a lot together, Swinford and I.  He had a son after I met him.  He said he was too old, but his wife… Read More

Memories are composed of small details.  I understood that after Pops died.  As I looked through photographs that I had carelessly snapped of his feet or hands or shoes, I realized that those kinds of details are the ones that make a person unique.  Portraits are nice, but what we really remember about a person is the way he holds his hands or wears his boots even after they are worn out…. Read More

A colony was established by Martín De León in 1824, and was the only predominantly Mexican colony in Texas. Victoria was the center of the colony, which was part of an effort by the Mexican government to settle Texas.   Victoria is the town which I adopted as home in 1976.  Obviously, it is an old town.  Driving out from the center of town, there are old residential neighborhoods which are being settled by… Read More

I can’t save money.  I can’t even save half a slice of my favorite pie for the next day’s treat.  I live in the moment, I think.  I am self-indulgent and a real spendthrift.   Be careful what you casually admire in my house.  You’re likely to walk away with it regardless of whether you wanted it.  Worse yet is the inability to purchase a present for Christmas (or for any other… Read More

The FedEx store is located, conveniently enough, behind Shipley’s Doughnuts on a main thoroughfare in town.  I went there in a panic one Friday a couple of months ago.  I was attempting to retrieve a macro lens that I was desperate to have.  “It’s not here”, the woman behind the counter said.  She only had the insured packages that required signatures or special handling.   The regular packages went to the main… Read More