She Kept A Parrot


It ought to be immediately obvious that I am a shameless old woman.  Otherwise, I should hide behind the hairless cat Gravitar.  I have to admit that I did a pass or two (maybe a few more, actually) with the “smoothing” tool.  The thing was just too hideous to post without a little digital “powder”.  My teeth are not quite so white and my skin not so smooth by a long shot,… Read More

Miss Sarah’s Weave Miss Sarah, as everybody who knew her called her, was near onto ninety years old.  She was a real “Fox” if I ever knew one.  She helped me to take care of my mother.  When my mother died, she sold her house and moved into mother’s house across the patio from us.  She was family, of course, and truly “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.  Miss Sarah was from Cajun… Read More

Shots From My Car Window #4

Josh and Susan at the Hardback Cafe drive-thru window. They were funny and clever and always joking with me.