She Kept A Parrot


This is the original shot through the shower wall. This is an altered version. This is something I’ve meant to do for a long time.  I never remember to do it.  This morning, I did.  Now, don’t tell me not to take my Nikon D300 wearing one of her good Nikkor lenses (With VR, of course)  into the shower.  It wouldn’t do you any good.   Some photography site somewhere told me… Read More

For the first time,  I had to move some stuff to get the photograph of some of my favorite Mud Men.  There were footed china waste bowls and a starfish in front of these guys.  I don’t like set up photographs, but this one is…kind of.   To dispense with the “Teapot Period” pots, I’ll identify these and get on with my story about the Mud Men.  These are Royal Copenhagen porcelain… Read More

Little Girl In A Mexican Bar

I found this little girl in my photos. She was at a BBQ benefit in an old pink-painted bar on Moody St. in Texas one night. I was trying to photograph somebody across the room when I looked down…and there she was…wide-eyed and too curious to be shy. As soon as I clicked the shutter, she fled. The expression of awe on her little face fascinated me.

Meika at the Hardback Cafe window Finally, there was the elusive Meika. She with the mysterious smile who always made me wonder what secrets she kept.

Shots From My Car Window #6

Lisa, David and Melissa at the Hardback Cafe window

Beautiful David with with his guitar and his dreams. Melissa, the forever girl-child in all of her innocence. Then, there is Lisa, the matriarch-adviser of the cafe clan.

Eva with the sparkling eyes.  So full of enthusiasm and good humor.  She was passionate about everything including ear piercings.  Ah, Eva, I wonder where you are.

Lisa was always smiling. She seemed to be the “mother” of the group although she was about the same age as the others.

Shots From My Car Window  #2

Sarah at the Hardback Cafe window. She immersed herself in the everyday drama of the cafe. What fun she had there!

Shots From My Car window Series

One of my favorite kids from the Hardback Cafe drive-thru. Sweet Charlie who always smiled.

Antique English Garden Statue This very worn antique concrete whippet is one of a pair who guard the entrance at the stone path to my back door.  His features were slowly worn away by the harsh winters of England to expose the aggregate stones used in the cement mixture from which he was cast.   Many years of exposure to the elements would be required to obliterate the distinctive features of a whippet.  Only he knows… Read More