She Kept A Parrot


Amazona Oratrix

My Double Yellowhead Amazon parrot who followed me into the secret garden to play while I worked. She has been with me for ten years. This is one of my favorite photos of her. Those were happy times when there were no hawks in the sky to threaten her.

Little boys and their toys.  Every generation has its heroes and some return generation after generation.  This little boy was about four years old and very proud of his action figure Lego characters based on his favorite films.  Those endearing grubby nails authenticate his status as a regular little boy.

Gargoyle I suspect it’s characteristic of amateur photographers to experiment with the built-in features of whatever simple graphics program they’re using.  I was no different.  When I first started to photograph objects in the garden, I saw the old gargoyle sitting there with the leaves of a bush on his shoulder.  I snapped him and played with the image in my limited way.  I still smile when I see this one.  After… Read More

I didn’t really want to consider how a dung beetle ended up on my patio.  Actually, he’s the first and last one I ever saw.   I didn’t miss him much… (click on any of my photos to enlarge)

Modern Bedouin

This photograph reminds me of the sect of Arab Bedouin men from photographs of life in the desert. I have an etching by the Australian printmaker, Stewart E.Wade, “Bedouin Mendicant” (1921) who looks very much like this man.



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