She Kept A Parrot


Meika at the Hardback Cafe window Finally, there was the elusive Meika. She with the mysterious smile who always made me wonder what secrets she kept.

Shots From My Car Window #6

Lisa, David and Melissa at the Hardback Cafe window

Beautiful David with with his guitar and his dreams. Melissa, the forever girl-child in all of her innocence. Then, there is Lisa, the matriarch-adviser of the cafe clan.

Eva with the sparkling eyes.  So full of enthusiasm and good humor.  She was passionate about everything including ear piercings.  Ah, Eva, I wonder where you are.

Shots From My Car Window #4

Josh and Susan at the Hardback Cafe drive-thru window. They were funny and clever and always joking with me.

Lisa was always smiling. She seemed to be the “mother” of the group although she was about the same age as the others.

Shots From My Car Window  #2

Sarah at the Hardback Cafe window. She immersed herself in the everyday drama of the cafe. What fun she had there!

Shots From My Car window Series

One of my favorite kids from the Hardback Cafe drive-thru. Sweet Charlie who always smiled.