She Kept A Parrot


Happy Halloween from ME and Ronald McDonald! Only treats with a smile! No tricks, unless you’re George! Then, a trick is in order from these kids! ­čÖé You look cute, Julie. The Ronald McDonald outfit that you designed is clever!

A Happy Mother’s Day To All of the mothers in WP Land And To Mothers everywhere A special thank you to my wonderful children Who take care of me Who understand me Who accept me the way I am And love me anyway

The Parrot Abandoned her icy Perch On ┬áMonochrome Island In her search For Warm Breezes Bold Colors Sunshine And Magical Gardens Filled with Dreams Where the shadows Keep Their Secrets And The dying Amaryllis Sings Where the Mother Tongue Is┬áMock┬áHeroic Spoken With A Wink Where all the Flowers Wear Primary colors And The Street Lamps Are Sculpted Gold Where all the seasons Are Seasons in the Sun And The Children Paint All… Read More