She Kept A Parrot


Easter Egg If I saw the little bowl by itself, I would think, “oh, that’s just precious!” It’s intricate, delicate, beautiful. But when the egg is placed on it, the beauty of the bowl fades into the background. The egg is infinitely more precious…intricate…and awe inspiring. We know that a human made the bowl and appreciate the talent it took to make it. The egg? Just wow! Made by God with beauty… Read More

A couple of years ago, I included this cup in a post. My tribute to my friends at Mickey D’s. Last year at Christmas, I posted the photos of all of my kids who work there. This year, I’m borrowing a cool photograph by Annalisa Ceccotti That many of you may find far more interesting. It is obviously a great deal more professional than my own. But, I didn’t have a model… Read More

Charlie, I’m including a few photos from Thanksgiving 2014. Linda and Hazel came down for a few days. We had such a really good, laid-back holiday. We were all sitting on my porch talking. You, Mom and Linda were sitting on the sofa. Hazel and I were sitting opposite you in the chairs beside the lamp table. Dad was sitting in one of the tall chairs at the porch dining table. Max… Read More

Charlie, you probably don’t remember this Your friend, Madison, brought this bouquet in a bottle To Mom on Mother’s Day in 2014 I know you remember how much Madison and Cassidy loved your Mom You guys went grocery shopping together and cooked all kinds of things They called her their second Mom Mom always helped you guys with your projects And took you everywhere together She used to take you and the kids… Read More

Every day at Mickey D’s! A few members of the Mickey D family. The following video (inspired by the eighty-three-year-old barber who gives haircuts for hugs in Hartford, Conn.) reminds me of the spirit of the members of the family who greet me with Smiles Laughter Kindness Acceptance and Friendship Every day of the year. Thank you from the bottom of my old heart! ♥ I am happy to introduce My Micky… Read More

A Dahlia From The Thinking Cowgirl’s Garden. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Families gather at the Thanksgiving table. It is the busiest holiday of the year as families travel Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. I visited an English farm today. The Thinking Cowgirl’s farm. I came away with this flower plucked from her garden. Thank you, Sarah. May each of you find beauty and joy… Read More