She Kept A Parrot


Big Lucy  in showoff mode! Both Dragons are trying to bruminate after making valiant efforts to attract each other through the glass. They still come out of the caves to bask and eat veggies, but few roaches. Big Lucy is particularly comical. Little Lucy isn’t nearly as funny as Big Lucy But, she’s the sweet one. She’s decided finally to be interested in Big Lucy. After a few days of trying to… Read More

Happy New Year!! 2015 This will be the year that I die. Remember the old Buddy Holly song? Below is a late night photo that I took for a friend, Lemony Gregg, as a joke. I later titled it, “Cause of Death”. It was taken sometime in the fall of 2014. I was seventy-two years old. I got to be seventy-two years old (plus seven months) not by making New Year’s Resolutions,… Read More

Miss Little Britches is Jeremy’s kitten. When I woke up at the ranch at two o’clock on Sunday morning, I opened the refrigerator door to fetch a bottle of mocha frappuccino. I left the door open for a few minutes instead of turning on a light since I thought I might awaken the kids. Then I shut the door. After some time, I opened the door again. There sat Miss Little Britches… Read More

 I bought a “premium car wash” when I filled up with gas. Only to discover that the car wash was closed for repairs. The old number did not work. finally I got a new number and headed in to endure yet another wait in a car wash. But, only after I backed all the way out when I saw a truck already in the thing! Finally, I drove back in and prepared… Read More

When you are no longer required by civility to answer the phone or the door, When you are no longer required to go out into the world of work, When you can sit and contemplate absolutely nothing, Life is a holiday. A holiday often filled with surprises. A white blur appears in the pergola. A Mother’s Day orchid has blossomed in the early morning light. I race for the camera chuckling to… Read More

Charlie, if you saw a video of an old lady talking to a box of roaches after midnight in her kitchen, which of the following would you think? A.  Eww!  That’s totally disgusting, and in the kitchen, too. B. That old lady is definitely suffering from a serious case of dementia. C. I wonder what animal she’s feeding the roaches to. ♠ Actually, this box is almost empty. I order a thousand… Read More

Charlie, you will surely have many memories of my profound deafness according to the Whispering Coldeweys. Or, as the old folks used to say, She’s deaf as a post! This is one of the more amusing stories about it, at least for me. I wandered around after midnight tonight feeding the nocturnal critters in the Legend Zoo, as I always do. As I leaned over to fetch Koko’s dishes, I heard a… Read More

Hey, Folks!  What’s that wimpy green gecko got that I ain’t got?

Uh-oh… Apparently, Mr. J. Cricket has a death wish… Lucy leisurely considered the dessert menu And finally decided She was entirely too full for desert anyway So, she watched with only a passing interest as Mr. Cricket went happily on his way Oblivious to his good fortune 🙂

This is a Knockout rose. (The blossoms do look as if they’ve been knocked around a bit) I was wandering around the nursery the other day When I saw these huge pots of classic-looking shrub rose bushes  I’m not a rose person, but the bright color appealed to me After the Big Winter Freeze So, I bought one of them although it was over five feet tall Two of the nicest boys delivered it… Read More