She Kept A Parrot


On my way to Mickey D’s for iced coffee I noticed a wide field of grain Under the setting sun, it looked absolutely golden I raced home for the camera and the wide-angle lens When I returned, the field wasn’t quite so golden anymore I had visions of photographing my landscape from a very low and dramatic angle Well, forget that Risking loss of life and limb parked alongside a busy highway I… Read More

In Memoriam The Vonnegut Maxim It is what it is Is true Until Of course It is not *(Vonnegut Image:

The Beginning ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ The End

This is the Mouse House This is The Mouse This is the sunroof on The Mouse House (Not to be confused with a Whack-A-Mole Hole) This is Charlie playing with The Mouse Who is not a mouse at all. He’s an elderly gentleman by the name of Charlie II (That’s spelled, too). He hails from Russian royalty, you know. The Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster clan. This is The Mouse checking out the… Read More

Brueghel’s Garden or There once was a guy Named Brueghel Who famously liked to scroogle All over the page

I never had a red Amaryllis. This Amaryllis is Red. She-Devil Red The center is dark, without structure, diffuse and opaque. Old Faithful thrashed and complained when she tried to focus. We struggled in the bright light. She trying to trigger the flash. Me holding it down with my finger. And swearing… We struggled in the shade. She violently focusing in and out. Me holding the focus ring to stop her. Rats! RED,… Read More

There are Faeries in the Garden. I know it’s true. But don’t expect to see them Unless, of course, You’re a very small child Who knows Surprise Or An Ancient Hermit With squinty eyes In the Faerie World There are brown days And white days… And midnight days… But… Round about midnight When the cold wind blows Faeries know something only Faeries know. It’s time to summer in the south of France! Still…… Read More

The Parrot Bath is not just a bath. It is an event. An occasion that requires planning, organization and orchestration. Rita takes her bath seriously. She knows as well as I do that cold water is unacceptable. And, it could give her a fatal chill. So, she waits until the temperature is just right. While she waits, she studies a (fortunately, waterproof) canvas print of Botero’s fat family. Perhaps, with a BMI… Read More

Well, Folks, Cheeky sailed right through Kindergarten. Yesterday, he received his graduation reward. A trip to the Big Tree. You don’t just bring home a baby parrot and plunk him down in a tree. If you do, he’ll either fly off or climb to the top (if he doesn’t fall and break something).  He will be virtually impossible to retrieve. Besides, if it’s a tree that’s poisonous to parrots, you’ll kill him. Cheeky… Read More

Tea With Miss Lucy Anole Mr. Anole made a surprise appearance in his new coat yesterday.  A green one instead of the brown one he was wearing when we met.  He heard that he was being photographed, I am fairly certain.  I told him he looked dapper in it.  I noticed a bit of pink blush spread under his chin as he agreed that green really is his best color.  He could… Read More