She Kept A Parrot


(The story of the little Lumix LX5’s troubles with The Diva) …And it was such a lovely day in the neighborhood until Little Lumix showed up. Uh Oh.  Here she comes again!   I’ll pretend I don’t see her. Mr. Nikon is so tall and handsome with his black hood.  He’s a real gentleman.  Keeps a polite distance always respecting a girl’s modesty.  Besides, we’ve been together for years.  That little shrimp… Read More

Myrtle The Stripper Stage Name:  Nachez White A Portrait ~Act I~ ~Act II~ ~Act III~ ~Act IV~ THE END CREDITS Screenplay by Mensa Girl

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. ~Albert Einstein~

I On Friday, Boy and I stopped at a fruit stand to buy a watermelon.  That’s where we met Old Tex.  When I got out of the car with my camera, I motioned for him to stay where he was.  He was sitting in a chair behind the fruit and vegetables.  I told him we wanted a watermelon and I wanted to take his picture.  Immediately, he found his groove.   He picked… Read More

Okay, I figured out what is causing my slow Internet connection.  It’s those sneaky Garden Gremlins and their UFO buddies!  I’m onto ’em now.  I got the photographic evidence against ’em.  I’m gonna’ take Rich’s bat to their ship if they show up again.  Or hang some of Joseph’s Eyeballs around the whole place.  They hate eyeballs. Actually, my infamous Guru logged in (Via LogMeIn) and fixed my connection.  Here he is.  His name is Ray… Read More

My dentist was a nice man.  He hummed country music songs while he worked.  After he asked me the very first question, he didn’t ask me anything else ever.  He forgot to take his hand out of my mouth.  He didn’t hold it against me, though.  We went through a lot together, Swinford and I.  He had a son after I met him.  He said he was too old, but his wife… Read More

The FedEx store is located, conveniently enough, behind Shipley’s Doughnuts on a main thoroughfare in town.  I went there in a panic one Friday a couple of months ago.  I was attempting to retrieve a macro lens that I was desperate to have.  “It’s not here”, the woman behind the counter said.  She only had the insured packages that required signatures or special handling.   The regular packages went to the main… Read More