She Kept A Parrot


The last picture of Sam in his old house. I could claim that this was his reaction to the move, but I think he is practicing to be a big boy. Or, he is annoyed with the camera! Here, I am moving Sam to his new house. He will climb onto my hand if I offer it. He looks a bit suspicious of the new house. He’s certainly checking it out! Sam… Read More

An ancient Pygmy blossom Dried on the trunk of a Pygmy Date Palm tree Tiny dates once grew on the stems During pruning of the old fronds, these dried blossoms were overlooked They were undoubtedly among the first fruits produced by the tree Years ago The blossoms were once heavy with clusters of tiny dates The shell was green and the blossoms were bright yellow The tiny fruits developed from the stems Although… Read More

It is springtime in South Texas A time for sweeping away the losses of winter A time for planting A time for renewal And New beginnings It is a time of gratitude for friends who surround us Friends who wrap their arms around us Friends who support us while we find our way I am grateful to all of you Who so generously support me in This springtime of loss and renewal… Read More

 Polaroid Close Up Camera Lens Filter Kit +1, +2, +4, +10 Diopter Filters That’s what it said on the box. I was surprised that I’d actually ordered the correct size. Rick Braveheart talked about filters and converters in a couple of his posts. They are cheap and easy to use, he said. Cheap and Easy A concept I could understand… So, I screwed the +4 filter onto the lens And Away I… Read More

Tiny Fan Palm Growing From A Stray Seed

I saw Lemony’s blog when I started reading blogs here.  (  I recall having seen a color shot of some piece of old equipment she photographed with a macro lens.  The repetition of the shapes there reminded me of “The Scream”.  I studied more of her macros and realized she was doing what I always tried to do without a dedicated macro lens.  So I ordered a Nikkor 85mm macro lens with… Read More