She Kept A Parrot


Charlie, these are just some random things that I see during the days when I wander around. Hope you like some of them. I just wanted you to see what interests me in the garden. These are the last days of Autumn. You know, I almost never photograph a butterfly. I don’t pay much attention to them. I think it must be because I was always nearsighted and couldn’t really see them… Read More

Orchids fascinate me I particularly like the back side of orchid blossoms Their soft lines and shapes are always reminiscent of watercolors The light through the black screen creates a mood that I enjoy It’s always exciting to see what the camera captured & There are the fun abstracts I created these using a plug-in for Photoshop Called Filter Forge 4 My favorite of the abstracts Is this one with the misplaced… Read More

A Happy Mother’s Day To All of the mothers in WP Land And To Mothers everywhere A special thank you to my wonderful children Who take care of me Who understand me Who accept me the way I am And love me anyway