She Kept A Parrot


After the winter freezes, I feared that I had lost the Pygmy Date Palms When the ice covered the leaves, I thought they would surely die I have six of them in the garden and around the house They are my favorite trees With the exception of the Fan Palms, of course Romero convinced me that it was necessary to trim the lower fronds He removed as many as twelve on some… Read More

The winter freezes left a skeleton garden Covered in the corpses of Fan Palm Fronds Pygmy Date Palm Fronds Flowering shrubs Hibiscus The Carolina Trumpet Vine Gone from the pergola Leaving only shadows To stand in for shade And A baby Tree Frog Taking refuge under cover of the rocks That protected the winter fountain Where there was a view of graceful Pygmy Fronds Sheltering the porch Only bearded Pygmy trunks remain… Read More

Autumn in the Garden is quiet. The plants and the animals seem to move silently about the task of preparing for the long sleep. As he has done for nearly thirty years, Mr. Gargoyle watches without much interest as one final arm of the Trumpet falls aimlessly over his shoulder. When the vine on the pergola shows her last bits of new green, I no longer expect a coral trumpet. But, as… Read More

More Fans Everybody knows how fan palms fascinate me by their mysterious play with light. The fans are different colors depending on the light. On a cloudy day, they are subdued and almost pail when the light strikes them.  There is always something to see through the fans! During the afternoons after the sun goes down behind their fence, they shine. The leaves look entirely different on the same tree depending on… Read More

Palms I Every year the palms bloom.  You know I am charmed by the palms.  These Pygmy Date Palms have smaller blooms because they are young. II III Che says “Hi”.  He hasn’t appeared lately.  He may be worried that you have forgotten him.  I assured him that he is unforgettable!