She Kept A Parrot


I On Friday, Boy and I stopped at a fruit stand to buy a watermelon.  That’s where we met Old Tex.  When I got out of the car with my camera, I motioned for him to stay where he was.  He was sitting in a chair behind the fruit and vegetables.  I told him we wanted a watermelon and I wanted to take his picture.  Immediately, he found his groove.   He picked… Read More

Okay, I figured out what is causing my slow Internet connection.  It’s those sneaky Garden Gremlins and their UFO buddies!  I’m onto ’em now.  I got the photographic evidence against ’em.  I’m gonna’ take Rich’s bat to their ship if they show up again.  Or hang some of Joseph’s Eyeballs around the whole place.  They hate eyeballs. Actually, my infamous Guru logged in (Via LogMeIn) and fixed my connection.  Here he is.  His name is Ray… Read More

Has Anybody Seen This Man? I am desperately searching for one missing ISP repairman.  He is wearing an orange and green reflective vest on which the words, Suddenlink Communications, are plainly visible.  He is not particularly tolerant of old ladies and their cameras.  I suspect he is attempting to avoid leaving photographic evidence of his crimes.  You see, he turned off my alarm system.  It no longer intends to call 911 if some… Read More

Muffler Morgue This old muffler storage rack has been behind a muffler shop here since before I came to live in this town.  I know the owner of the shop and his family.  I saw their grandchildren grow up.  If you ever had a busted muffler, it’s probably in this catacomb.  That is, if you’ve lived here long enough to know where to get a muffler replaced.  The owner and his family… Read More

I follow several photographers who participate in the 365 Day photo project.  They post remarkable images.  Sometimes, they post photographs that aren’t just technically great or clever or dramatic.  These are the photographs that I remember.  One man posted a photograph of his sleeping daughter.  That touched me because he was secure enough to do it.  He undoubtedly knew that nobody cares about photographs of our sleeping children.  We adore them, but… Read More

My dentist was a nice man.  He hummed country music songs while he worked.  After he asked me the very first question, he didn’t ask me anything else ever.  He forgot to take his hand out of my mouth.  He didn’t hold it against me, though.  We went through a lot together, Swinford and I.  He had a son after I met him.  He said he was too old, but his wife… Read More

Memories are composed of small details.  I understood that after Pops died.  As I looked through photographs that I had carelessly snapped of his feet or hands or shoes, I realized that those kinds of details are the ones that make a person unique.  Portraits are nice, but what we really remember about a person is the way he holds his hands or wears his boots even after they are worn out…. Read More

This was written some months ago.  I just found the draft and decided to post it.  Boy will be nine years old on April 29. Art is included in Boy’s curriculum.  He also signed up for an after-school art class held on each Wednesday during this school year.  He is eight years old.  He is in the third grade.  He loves art.  He has an appreciation for beautiful things that surpasses that… Read More

China Inn Tonight, as I was going into my little Chinese food restaurant in a corner of a dingy shopping center, I saw him.  He was an old silver-haired man who had parked next to me.  He was getting out of his car with great difficulty.  His wife had already left the car and was walking around near the door of the restaurant.  He is slow, I thought, because he is disabled…. Read More

The other day, I read a post that stuck in my head.  It was about the future of mankind.  About our ever evolving world.  Later that night, I walked into my clothes closet where my eye wandered along a row of garments ready for spring.   Linen garments.  I prefer clothing made  from natural fibers.  I enjoy looking at the warp and the weave of it.  The feel of it.  I began to… Read More