She Kept A Parrot


An Invitation From The High Sheriff On Friday, I was having a perfectly satisfactory day.  Irma, she of the cleaning fetish, was doing her thing with the vacuum cleaner and the radio.  Then, it all changed.  I heard somebody on my TV say something about a court case.   My brain seized.   My heart palpated.  I did my stumble-run into the kitchen and started flinging old mail from one pile to… Read More

Two Faces

  Two faces I love.  One was born a simian baby with a Mr. Magoo face.  She grew into a beautiful child and and into an even more beautiful woman.  The other came to me by happy chance. The girl inherited her father’s freckles although you’d never notice in real life.  She is the mother of The-Boy-Who-Grew-Too-Tall.  The other has an oddly matching freckle.  Freckles are not the only characteristics these two… Read More

Peasant Girl in The Mirror

Everything, almost everything, in my world has a face.  Even a cheese knife has a rabbit face.  I have collected many objects and paintings throughout my life…virtually all of them have faces.  I believe I told you the story about my daughter’s effort to replace a favorite lamp that my arch nemesis, Maxwell, broke.  When she called our friend, the design person at a local shop, she laid out the only requirement…. Read More

Wild Mustangs

I had not visited Cowboy since he posted the Valentine’s Day kissy Marmaduke.  I did today.  I found the kind of interesting collection of news and information from around the world that he always puts together for us.  How about a surgical  device easy enough for layman to use to fish out an appendix on a muddy creek bank in the middle of nowhere?  A beautiful video of horses to ease our pain…. Read More

Today, as I was coming out of the same Walgreen where I snapped this sad first attempt at photography years ago, I passed by a muscular middle-aged man leaning against the bed of his truck.  He wore a white beard and a scowl.  He was smoking a cigarette and absently petting his golden lab dog who was riding in the bed of  the truck.  I spoke to the dog.  When I looked… Read More

It ought to be immediately obvious that I am a shameless old woman.  Otherwise, I should hide behind the hairless cat Gravitar.  I have to admit that I did a pass or two (maybe a few more, actually) with the “smoothing” tool.  The thing was just too hideous to post without a little digital “powder”.  My teeth are not quite so white and my skin not so smooth by a long shot,… Read More

Miss Sarah’s Weave Miss Sarah, as everybody who knew her called her, was near onto ninety years old.  She was a real “Fox” if I ever knew one.  She helped me to take care of my mother.  When my mother died, she sold her house and moved into mother’s house across the patio from us.  She was family, of course, and truly “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.  Miss Sarah was from Cajun… Read More

This woman was directing a food service line.  It was obvious who was in charge.  I knew she has been at this for a very long time.  She had the air of a person who knows what she’s doing and brooks no nonsense.   Her quiet confidence impressed me.  I admire competence and the sense of accomplishment she obviously found in doing her job well…a true professional in my eyes.

I know this man.  We affectionately call him “Listo as does his family.  His given name is Ruben.  He is a laborer in the concrete business.  He works for us.  He is a shy, brown-skinned man with beautiful, curly hair and large deep eyes.  He is a solid block of a man who keeps to himself.  He doesn’t talk to me, but I imagine that I know him.