She Kept A Parrot


We celebrate Birth and Life. We avert our eyes from Death and Dying. We see life in Kodachrome. We see Death in monochrome.  After the recent freeze, I went into the garden on a mission to study death and dying in the plant life there. I made many photographs of what I saw. I want to share the death of the Staghorn here. After the frost, The Staghorn anchor leaves changed from tender green… Read More

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. ~Albert Einstein~

The other day, I read a post that stuck in my head.  It was about the future of mankind.  About our ever evolving world.  Later that night, I walked into my clothes closet where my eye wandered along a row of garments ready for spring.   Linen garments.  I prefer clothing made  from natural fibers.  I enjoy looking at the warp and the weave of it.  The feel of it.  I began to… Read More