She Kept A Parrot


Maurice Sapiro Often I encounter people in restaurants or other public places.  Interesting people.  Sometimes, I have my camera and snap a photo.  I tell you about it sometimes too.  When I met this incredible man in the Blogosphere, I wondered if such a chance encounter counts in the real world?  I notice that bloggers don’t seem to like re-posts of another blogger’s post.  I can’t really figure out why that is… Read More

This cactus is blooming beside the drive-thru menu outside the barbecue restaurant where I order my sandwiches about once a week.  The plants have been there as long as I can remember, and the restaurant is very old.  The blossoms are lovely in the late spring.  I always enjoy looking at them.   The prickly pear cactus is native to Texas.  I am certain that the American Indians must have named their… Read More

I bought my very first compact camera, and I am test driving it.  It is so tiny.  I can hardly hold it.  I am accustomed to my Nikon D-300 with its heavy Nikkor 18-200mm walk-around lens.  I couldn’t believe this little thing could produce a reasonable photograph particularly since I have a familial tremor in both hands. Here is one of my photos from today.  It is a leaf on a sword… Read More

Today is my seventieth birthday.  Seventy is an unbelievable number of years.  The number doesn’t compute in my head!  So…  today, I post whatever I like.  I like my trumpet flower pictures.  When I began this blog in January, the vine that covers the pergola was bare, gnarled and twisted bones.  As it always does, it filled itself with lush green.  Then, the trumpets started appearing everywhere along with the humming birds… Read More

I On Friday, Boy and I stopped at a fruit stand to buy a watermelon.  That’s where we met Old Tex.  When I got out of the car with my camera, I motioned for him to stay where he was.  He was sitting in a chair behind the fruit and vegetables.  I told him we wanted a watermelon and I wanted to take his picture.  Immediately, he found his groove.   He picked… Read More

Has Anybody Seen This Man? I am desperately searching for one missing ISP repairman.  He is wearing an orange and green reflective vest on which the words, Suddenlink Communications, are plainly visible.  He is not particularly tolerant of old ladies and their cameras.  I suspect he is attempting to avoid leaving photographic evidence of his crimes.  You see, he turned off my alarm system.  It no longer intends to call 911 if some… Read More

Muffler Morgue This old muffler storage rack has been behind a muffler shop here since before I came to live in this town.  I know the owner of the shop and his family.  I saw their grandchildren grow up.  If you ever had a busted muffler, it’s probably in this catacomb.  That is, if you’ve lived here long enough to know where to get a muffler replaced.  The owner and his family… Read More

I am confused.  I have lost an artist.  I seem to have two R. Jarrells.  I have the one whom I know definitively to be a printmaker of the first order.  I bought three of his etchings in 1976.  This Jarrell (Richard, he is) lives in Durham, North Carolina, USA.  He is well-known now, but he was a young man (we used to call them starving artists) selling his watercolors and etchings at… Read More

Some more photographs that I was about to delete, but I had fun playing with them.  I thought you might find them fun too.  Real photographers know how to make lights.  I made mine by happy accident.  One Christmas, I tried to photograph Boy in front of the Christmas tree.  When I saw the first one, I just kept snapping away.  I had never seen bubbles of light in a photograph.  I… Read More

While I was out late this afternoon, I snapped a few photos.  This old motel was seedy when I moved here in 1976.  I don’t think much has improved about it since.  I cannot imagine the roach population in that damp, crumbling place.  I see this motel every day as I drive down the main street that runs through the entire town.  I think the arrow lights stopped working many years ago…. Read More