She Kept A Parrot


Little Lucy loves sitting on my shoulder. When I returned from the ranch last weekend, she had the classic stress pattern on her underside. She wasn’t eating much and she was spending a lot of time in her cave. Otherwise, she looked healthy. I was busy planning for the new chameleon cage arrangement and consulting with the breeders, the cage builder and ordering the necessary environmental elements for the insides of the… Read More

(Sam is fired up as this display of pattern is called in the Chameleon world.) Sam hunts insects from among the vines and foliage in his cage. Often, I am unable to remove the ones that he doesn’t eat in one day. They should not remain in the cage for several reasons, among which is that they may bite the animal while he is sleeping. Here, Sam is climbing around hunting his… Read More

Miss Little Britches is Jeremy’s kitten. When I woke up at the ranch at two o’clock on Sunday morning, I opened the refrigerator door to fetch a bottle of mocha frappuccino. I left the door open for a few minutes instead of turning on a light since I thought I might awaken the kids. Then I shut the door. After some time, I opened the door again. There sat Miss Little Britches… Read More

Okay, so the title is a classic Bait-and-Switch! I didn’t see one snake or scorpion or tarantula… This weekend I went with the kids to their ranch in Duval County, Texas. Although they bought the place several years ago, this was my first visit. My point about the critter boots is that they make everybody who visits wear a pair of snake boots. These are some that Charlie outgrew, but they provide… Read More

I just might be the only old woman who would buy a bison jawbone! (Bison Occidentalis) It is from the Pleistocene period 1,000 to 15,000 years old. Found in the Kansas River Bed, Wyandocotthe County, Kansas. It reminded me of a Viking ship. He appears to have had most of his teeth when he died. They could have used a bit of dental cleaning, I suppose, But so do mine every three… Read More

 I bought a “premium car wash” when I filled up with gas. Only to discover that the car wash was closed for repairs. The old number did not work. finally I got a new number and headed in to endure yet another wait in a car wash. But, only after I backed all the way out when I saw a truck already in the thing! Finally, I drove back in and prepared… Read More

Charlie, these are just some random things that I see during the days when I wander around. Hope you like some of them. I just wanted you to see what interests me in the garden. These are the last days of Autumn. You know, I almost never photograph a butterfly. I don’t pay much attention to them. I think it must be because I was always nearsighted and couldn’t really see them… Read More

Happy Halloween from ME and Ronald McDonald! Only treats with a smile! No tricks, unless you’re George! Then, a trick is in order from these kids! 🙂 You look cute, Julie. The Ronald McDonald outfit that you designed is clever!

Sam is a baby Veiled Chameleon. His body is about 3.5 inches long. He is perhaps two months old. I have had Sam for four days. And, I am still trying to figure out what he likes best. In the gallery below, the first photo reveals his displeasure. I was arranging his vegetation, and he didn’t like my hand in his cage. Chameleons are shy creatures who should be housed alone and… Read More

Well, Little Lucy is not gravid. After a weekend of hand-wringing, She was able to see the vet. The good news is that her bone density is superb. She is not egg-bound.   The bad news is that she has calcium deposits in her kidney. As you can see on the radiograph, there is a large area of calcification in her right kidney. When Dr. Beck evacuated the vent, there was a… Read More