She Kept A Parrot


Deano died five years ago today.  He was seventy years old. In my earliest memory of him, he looks like this photo.  He was twenty-one years old. This is a photo of Deano supervising the construction of his porch. It is  early summer of 2008. He plans to sit there watching auto racing and world news. And that is precisely what he did until he died. Deano always had a plan. And,… Read More

Hey, Folks!  What’s that wimpy green gecko got that I ain’t got?

Lucy’s July Fourth Portrait She has been with us for two months. She is eleven inches long and very wide. She is officially a juvenile dragon. Actually, Lucy is a Lucifer. Lesson #1 When you choose names for pets that are not dimorphic Choose gender neutral names if it matters to you. This sad photo was filed under the title, “Day One”. I thought this little creature was so cute. That’s all… Read More

Charlie, Look for what you know And you will see what you expect to see. Expect nothing And you will discover the magic and the mystery of life.

Charlie, you may squander the harvest But you must treasure the seed crop For therein lies the source of all new beginnings

This post, titled Euphemistically Dead, was published in The Woven Tale Press I liked their presentation and the layout of the piece. The online magazine features great work from some very talented artists. I appreciate their including this post and featuring it in one of their Weekly Peeks. A warm thank you to Sandra Tyler and to the rest of the staff! Humans have a real problem with dead. Euphemisms abound to describe… Read More

Bromeliad Leaf Characters Today, I love these characters! Tomorrow? Who knows. I might not see the characters at all. Leaf characters are elusive, you know.

Amaryllis Leaves & Bud Amaryllis Leaves Umbrella Leaf Regina Iris Leaves (A bud is forming on one) Baby Asian Elephant Ear Leaf Bromeliad Leaf The Fan Cactus is not a leaf But I included it as evidence that it is still alive and well! 🙂

The Clematis blossoms dried and remain on the vine interesting still in the straw version of themselves Romero sheared the Foxtail Ferns to the ground As he promised, they sprang from the soil into mounds of green Foxtail forests.   The leaves of the Bromeliads turned brown in the winter freeze and I thought they were dead Suddenly, a blossom appeared from the ruin The Bird’s Nest Ferns with their leather leaves… Read More

To the tune of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ~The Beatles~