She Kept A Parrot


Today is a holiday in the United States.  It is a time of gathering together with family and friends to reflect on our lives. Today, I was in the company of my dogs and my chinchilla, Che, and my parrot companion, Rita The sun was shining and it was warm in the garden. Since I wrote the first three lines, the weeks have come and gone and it’s almost Christmas. As I… Read More

Help From A Fellow Blogger There is a phenomenon at work here on WordPress.  It is a Twenty-First Century style community that feels very much like a Nineteenth or Twentieth Century rural community in which neighbors help neighbors.  A barn-raising kind of community.  I wanted to share an experience that I had recently with a blogger who lives in Australia.   Her name is Leanne Cole, and one of her blogs is Leanne… Read More

Those of you who recall the post titled “Sister Angels” know how distressed I was at the vandalism that left one of the angels destroyed.  A few weeks ago, I drove by the cemetery and looked over at the tombstone expecting to see only one intact angel.  To my absolute delight, I saw that the ravaged angel was whole again.  I could hardly believe it.  A bird sat on her wing watching… Read More

A Ride Downtown The first building I saw on my ride was Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church.  Worshipers were coming out of the church, but they were kind enough to wait for me to snap this photo.  I was stopped in the middle of the street blocking traffic!  I believe this is the oldest Catholic church in Victoria. A couple of blocks away, I saw Trinity Lutheran church.  I liked the… Read More

A Family Business When I took the photographs of the old equipment and buildings at our concrete business several months ago, I posted most of them.   Then I realized that I had talked about the business, but I didn’t do it in a way that tells you what it represents to me. I hope this post tells you something about me that I believe is essential to who I am. When people… Read More

The Ill-Fated Cactus Garden Boy’s mom is a designer of onsite sewage treatment systems.  She is also a fantastic landscape designer.  What she is not is a potted plant person.  Her CAD program does not extend beyond design … certainly not to potted plant care.  Boy went along with her to the nursery one day to choose some plants for her landscape project.  There, he fell in love with cacti … the… Read More

Tea With Miss Lucy Anole Mr. Anole made a surprise appearance in his new coat yesterday.  A green one instead of the brown one he was wearing when we met.  He heard that he was being photographed, I am fairly certain.  I told him he looked dapper in it.  I noticed a bit of pink blush spread under his chin as he agreed that green really is his best color.  He could… Read More

As anybody who has been in South Texas for more than thirty days says, Un pequito mas, and holds up a finger and the thumb to make the sign of a tiny bit more.   Thus, the title of this post.  I couldn’t resist sharing my encounter with you.   This time, Mr. Anole was jumping from one stem to another so I knew right away that he was alive … for… Read More

The Carolina Trumpet From my chair on the porch, I can see the trumpets.  They hang down almost to waist level as I walk the path to Boy’s house.  When we took our spring walk in the garden, I promised that the Carolina Trumpet Vine would be filled with coral trumpets by summertime.  I think it has outdone itself this year.  Blossoms continually appear and fall arranging themselves into surprising and delightful… Read More

RITA Rita is the inspiration for the title of this blog.  I thought I should finally credit her.  After all, if your byline is based on the life of a character, you ought to say a little something about her, don’t you think?  I don’t have many followers who are parrot keepers.  The reason I know that is because nobody asks questions about her.  If you aren’t a parrot keeper, you probably… Read More