She Kept A Parrot


“Gran Ol’ Lady” Jesse Ponce Jessie Ponce “Gran Ol’ Lady: She sat there forever; speechless, motionless and oblivious to the commotion in the household which was partly caused by my presence. I seriously wondered what was going on in her mind until she groaned a thank you in Mongolian when I handed her a token.”

“Blind Pioneer” A poignant photograph by Altanus Sulkus  



I am Ché.
I live in a world
not made for me.

Note for a friend who never came…

“As a “gaijin” (foreigner) who spent 6 years in Japan and had ample opportunity to witness many of its social customs, I think it’s worth noting that the setting Mr. Golden creates in his “Memoirs” is very much of a Japan gone by. This is sad. It is precisely the aspects of Sayuri’s world that are the most exotic to us which exemplify the best of what is uniquely Japanese. Modern Japanese… Read More

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