She Kept A Parrot


After the winter freezes, I feared that I had lost the Pygmy Date Palms When the ice covered the leaves, I thought they would surely die I have six of them in the garden and around the house They are my favorite trees With the exception of the Fan Palms, of course Romero convinced me that it was necessary to trim the lower fronds He removed as many as twelve on some… Read More

An ancient Pygmy blossom Dried on the trunk of a Pygmy Date Palm tree Tiny dates once grew on the stems During pruning of the old fronds, these dried blossoms were overlooked They were undoubtedly among the first fruits produced by the tree Years ago The blossoms were once heavy with clusters of tiny dates The shell was green and the blossoms were bright yellow The tiny fruits developed from the stems Although… Read More

Palms I Every year the palms bloom.  You know I am charmed by the palms.  These Pygmy Date Palms have smaller blooms because they are young. II III Che says “Hi”.  He hasn’t appeared lately.  He may be worried that you have forgotten him.  I assured him that he is unforgettable!