She Kept A Parrot


When Rita’s Wax Myrtle tree leafed out this spring She immediately set about expertly pruning it As she does every spring. She removed every twig of new growth From the main branches of the tree. It was as if she knew precisely how to trim a tree! As She always does, she settled on her favorite branch For a work break Only when she finished trimming the tree And was agreeable to… Read More

As I have lamented many times, Rita’s nails pierce my skin badly. I’ve had rips and tears and bloody scrapes On my arms and the tops of my hands for years. But, I found a solution that works perfectly. It is Golden Needles by Ansell. The 10″ arm socks with thumb slots are made of stretch Kelvar. They fit snugly, stay in place, and They are soft and comfortable for extended wear. They provide… Read More

Dinner If there is anything That-Green-Chicken (as Kelli calls her) Loves more than little bits of chicken It’s great gobs of pasta She finished off her scant serving And While I was fetching a glass of water Dove right into mine! Burp…

The Parrot Bath is not just a bath. It is an event. An occasion that requires planning, organization and orchestration. Rita takes her bath seriously. She knows as well as I do that cold water is unacceptable. And, it could give her a fatal chill. So, she waits until the temperature is just right. While she waits, she studies a (fortunately, waterproof) canvas print of Botero’s fat family. Perhaps, with a BMI… Read More

A visitor recently said she would like to see a panoramic view of my garden. I have often thought that my friends here probably wonder what the garden looks like. If I could persuade Rita to fly over with my camera, I could do it. The next best thing is to walk around the garden and try to show you what it looks like. All of the photos of flowers and plants… Read More

Sometimes, when the air is cool and the sun is low on the horizon, I take Rita outside with me to spray water on the plants in the pergola. She likes to sit in this corner on this particular chair. The opposite corner is virtually identical with the same plants, but when I put her on that chair once, she flew to the floor and waddled over to her chair. Sometimes, parrots have… Read More

(The story of the little Lumix LX5’s troubles with The Diva) …And it was such a lovely day in the neighborhood until Little Lumix showed up. Uh Oh.  Here she comes again!   I’ll pretend I don’t see her. Mr. Nikon is so tall and handsome with his black hood.  He’s a real gentleman.  Keeps a polite distance always respecting a girl’s modesty.  Besides, we’ve been together for years.  That little shrimp… Read More


As he always does, Shimon started something in my head.  He’s bad that way. What Shimon said was:  “Pity the poor parrot that cannot fly… hope that the advantages of living with a human outweigh the disadvantages…” I don’t know the answer to that, and neither does Rita.  Her life was always this way.  At least, it was always this way after she came to live with me.  So it has been… Read More

Yes, Michael, Rita is real.  She lives with me and my three dogs and Che, the chinchilla.  She’s been with me for ten years or so.  I swear she is not an imaginary friend.  I haven’t had one of those since I was too little to remember.  Here, I’m holding her on my hand and trying to photograph her with no access to the focus ring.   As I often do, I… Read More