She Kept A Parrot


This is a Knockout rose. (The blossoms do look as if they’ve been knocked around a bit) I was wandering around the nursery the other day When I saw these huge pots of classic-looking shrub rose bushes  I’m not a rose person, but the bright color appealed to me After the Big Winter Freeze So, I bought one of them although it was over five feet tall Two of the nicest boys delivered it… Read More

Sepia is not my favorite tone. It often turns pink. Or the color of mud. Sepia is the color noise in my photographs. Color Noise stalks me.  She is my Nemesis. She lurks in the shadows waiting to invade my favorite shots. I thought of this one as “White Chocolate” (Or, Mud Cake) I was sitting on the porch late one night When I decided to snap the vase of roses. There wasn’t much light, but the… Read More