She Kept A Parrot


I could tell you that I’ve been lounging poolside at the Hotel Carleton On¬†La Croisette But The timeline isn’t right for the Cannes Film Festival. Or I could blame it on The Mad Cow But That’s only half-true. Instead I’m gonna‘ claim that The Magic Carpet flight has been delayed Due, of course, to the Polar Vortex. ūüėČ That’s my story And I’m sticking to it! ūüôā Update: Take-off in thirty minutes… Read More

About eight or ten years ago, I stopped at this cemetery that I pass all the time. ¬†I had always looked over at the tombstones because there is one long one facing the main street. ¬†It has the most beautiful marble angels … one on each end of the stone. ¬†They seemed to be sister angels watching over the dead at their feet. ¬†Something about them was touching to me. ¬†So, I… Read More

Morning Walk The phone rang at seven-thirty this morning. ¬†My old friend and CPA asked if I were sleeping. ¬†He does this all the time. ¬†He lives, yes lives, in his office from January first to after April fifteenth ever single year. ¬†He is older than I am by several years. ¬†Maybe it’s because the man never sleeps. ¬†He has goodies to eat squirreled away all over his office among the cabinets… Read More

Tiny Fan Palm Growing From A Stray Seed

I saw Lemony’s blog when I started reading blogs here. ¬†( ¬†I recall having seen a color shot of some piece of old equipment she photographed with a macro lens. ¬†The repetition of the shapes there reminded me of “The Scream”. ¬†I studied more of her macros and realized she was doing what I always tried to do without a dedicated macro lens. ¬†So I ordered a Nikkor 85mm macro lens with… Read More

Peasant Girl in The Mirror

Everything, almost everything, in my world has a face. ¬†Even a cheese knife has a rabbit face. ¬†I have collected many objects and paintings throughout my life…virtually all of them have faces. ¬†I believe I told you the story about my daughter’s effort to replace a favorite lamp that my arch nemesis, Maxwell, broke. ¬†When she called our friend, the design person at a local shop, she laid out the only requirement…. Read More

Antique English Garden Statue This very worn antique concrete whippet is one of a pair who guard the entrance at the stone path to my back door. ¬†His features were¬†slowly worn away by the¬†harsh winters of England to expose the aggregate¬†stones used in the cement mixture from which he was cast. ¬† Many years of exposure to the elements would be required¬†to obliterate the distinctive features of a whippet. ¬†Only he knows… Read More

This Austin sculpture has hung around my house for many years.  One day, I noticed the light from a window casting her shadow on window blinds.  The shadow reminded me of  the Great Sphinx of Giza.  What a lofty thought for a humble, mass-produced goddess who hardly represents anything Egyptian at all.  I smiled. (click image to enlarge)

Gargoyle I suspect it’s characteristic of amateur photographers to experiment with the built-in features of whatever simple graphics program they’re using. ¬†I was no different. ¬†When I first started to photograph objects in the garden, I saw the old gargoyle sitting there with the leaves of a bush on his shoulder. ¬†I snapped him and played with the image in my limited way. ¬†I still smile when I see this one. ¬†After… Read More