She Kept A Parrot


You have no idea what a production an adoring mother and a doting grandmother can make of a baby’s first haircut! Here, you are meeting Jessica Rodriguez for the first time. You must have been about eighteen months old. And, you were highly dubious about this “haircut business”. Mom is telling Jess how to cut your hair, and Jess is ignoring her. Jess has children of her own.  Two boys.  Lots of… Read More

Charlie, you never liked the Bearded Dragons. I remember when we bought the terrarium for Mr. Frog. I suggested that you could use it for a Bearded Dragon when you tired of Mr. Frog. You said, “I wouldn’t touch one of those things!” And you were as good as your word! Big Lucy But, I want to share some simple facts that I’ve learned about Dragons. They have spines on the undersides… Read More

When you are no longer required by civility to answer the phone or the door, When you are no longer required to go out into the world of work, When you can sit and contemplate absolutely nothing, Life is a holiday. A holiday often filled with surprises. A white blur appears in the pergola. A Mother’s Day orchid has blossomed in the early morning light. I race for the camera chuckling to… Read More

Charlie, I know you will remember Irma Padilla, our housekeeper since you were a little thing. I wanted to remind you that she was a good friend, as well. She took care of me and helped me with the animals. She was a professional in every way. And, she was a fine and talented decorator, too. She used to surprise me by moving things around in the house to really good effect…. Read More

I love mangos and so do the parrots! A mango swirl I buy bananas, and I never eat them until they spoil. I grew up eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. Sometimes, I would sneak into the kitchen, peel a banana, and stick the end of it in the Mayo jar! Actually, that’s still my favorite way to eat a banana! Curly Bananas

Charlie, if you saw a video of an old lady talking to a box of roaches after midnight in her kitchen, which of the following would you think? A.  Eww!  That’s totally disgusting, and in the kitchen, too. B. That old lady is definitely suffering from a serious case of dementia. C. I wonder what animal she’s feeding the roaches to. ♠ Actually, this box is almost empty. I order a thousand… Read More

Charlie, you will surely have many memories of my profound deafness according to the Whispering Coldeweys. Or, as the old folks used to say, She’s deaf as a post! This is one of the more amusing stories about it, at least for me. I wandered around after midnight tonight feeding the nocturnal critters in the Legend Zoo, as I always do. As I leaned over to fetch Koko’s dishes, I heard a… Read More

Dear Charlie, Going forward, my entries may be boring or repetitive or may not make much sense to my friends on WordPress, but I am going to share them anyway because my friends here have been so very kind to me.  I want you to know that my friends here have encouraged me from the beginning of this blog.  Without their help, I don’t think that I would have continued to post… Read More

Deano died five years ago today.  He was seventy years old. In my earliest memory of him, he looks like this photo.  He was twenty-one years old. This is a photo of Deano supervising the construction of his porch. It is  early summer of 2008. He plans to sit there watching auto racing and world news. And that is precisely what he did until he died. Deano always had a plan. And,… Read More

Lucy’s July Fourth Portrait She has been with us for two months. She is eleven inches long and very wide. She is officially a juvenile dragon. Actually, Lucy is a Lucifer. Lesson #1 When you choose names for pets that are not dimorphic Choose gender neutral names if it matters to you. This sad photo was filed under the title, “Day One”. I thought this little creature was so cute. That’s all… Read More