She Kept A Parrot


The Clematis blossoms dried and remain on the vine interesting still in the straw version of themselves Romero sheared the Foxtail Ferns to the ground As he promised, they sprang from the soil into mounds of green Foxtail forests.   The leaves of the Bromeliads turned brown in the winter freeze and I thought they were dead Suddenly, a blossom appeared from the ruin The Bird’s Nest Ferns with their leather leaves… Read More

Miss Lily has been my photographic nemesis for years. When I got my first camera, I tried to photograph her, with little success. There was a problem with light and color and all of those green stems in her center. I haven’t had much more success in recent years. There is just something about Miss Lily that doesn’t like my camera. Last year, I gave up the struggle and simply watched her… Read More

When Rita’s Wax Myrtle tree leafed out this spring She immediately set about expertly pruning it As she does every spring. She removed every twig of new growth From the main branches of the tree. It was as if she knew precisely how to trim a tree! As She always does, she settled on her favorite branch For a work break Only when she finished trimming the tree And was agreeable to… Read More

Charlie, I know you remember Mr. Frog And the terrarium with the wire top. Mr. Frog occupied it for a couple of weeks Until you and Madison decided he would Be happier in the garden with his friends.   I chuckle every time I think about his house. I said that you could use it for a Bearded Dragon When you tired of keeping Mr. Frog. You said, I wouldn’t touch one… Read More

Charlie, these photographs Are about the tulips That I buy in vases at Walgreen Drug Store I’ve brought three of the vases home From visits to the store to pick up prescriptions I enjoy watching the buds open and I enjoy seeing the bulbs and roots through the glass I find the foliage to be as pretty as the blossoms This one had really graceful leaves I noticed that most of the… Read More

One morning, when I looked into Lucy’s house I was surprised to see that she was shedding her skin like Mr. Frog who used to lease her house. By the time I finished chopping everybody’s fruit and veggies for breakfast The skin had peeled off her shoulders, and She was scratching like a little dog with fleas! If it hadn’t been so terrible looking, I would have laughed. When I finished delivering… Read More

Charlie, you probably don’t remember this Your friend, Madison, brought this bouquet in a bottle To Mom on Mother’s Day in 2014 I know you remember how much Madison and Cassidy loved your Mom You guys went grocery shopping together and cooked all kinds of things They called her their second Mom Mom always helped you guys with your projects And took you everywhere together She used to take you and the kids… Read More

Uh-oh… Apparently, Mr. J. Cricket has a death wish… Lucy leisurely considered the dessert menu And finally decided She was entirely too full for desert anyway So, she watched with only a passing interest as Mr. Cricket went happily on his way Oblivious to his good fortune 🙂

Miss Lucy B. Dragon surveying the kingdom That was. Ah, Miss Lucy, What grand baby dragon dreams! 🙂 A Pox on you!  Miss Lucy says…

This is a Knockout rose. (The blossoms do look as if they’ve been knocked around a bit) I was wandering around the nursery the other day When I saw these huge pots of classic-looking shrub rose bushes  I’m not a rose person, but the bright color appealed to me After the Big Winter Freeze So, I bought one of them although it was over five feet tall Two of the nicest boys delivered it… Read More